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  1. Re: I have finally decided.. Us Sheffield folk say it how it is, and laugh at the complete "deludedness" of the outsiders! We call a piece of turd a piece of turd, and that's what makes us different.. UTB!
  2. Re: I have finally decided.. Except he is not English, he is Scouse....
  3. Re: question That's what she said..
  4. To shed my vast footballing knowledge upon you all.. I have recently come to the conclusion that there a lot of, lets say "clueless people" on this forum, so I have decided to put you all straight..... Basically, Rio Ferdinand is vastly overrated. Wycombe Wanderers are the 404th best football club in the world. Steven Gerrard's voice is very annoying. England are extremely boring to watch. I hope you will understand that my opinions are actually more valuable than yours, therefore you may not argue against them. If you insist in doing so, you may well find yourself crying after you read the sheer greatness of my reply.. UTB!
  5. Re: jamie murphy You are a very bad man.. Making pointless threads on this forum mentally hurts some of the obsessive maniacs on here, so keep on doing it.. Its funny watching them squirm! OMG!!!!! Pointless thread! How dare you! (Acting like they actually care)..
  6. Re: Biggest Clubs In England? Yeah, Sheffield Wednesday ram down our throats all of the Titles, FA Cups etc they won over 60 years ago! Even though none of them were alive to see them.. Although they did win a League Cup in 1991 I think.. And yes, its all a matter of opinion, unfortunately some people take things to heart.. Saw it coming really, especially from Leeds, we all know how bitter they can be!
  7. Re: football chants Your sister is your mother Your uncle is your brother You all make love with one another The Dingle (Barnsley) Family Der Der Der Der *Clap Clap* etc etc (to the Adams Family theme tune) I have also replaced some of the rude words as I may get violated up my bottom by the mods.
  8. Re: Romelo Lukaku I think the translator he used had a malfunction!
  9. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 I don't have enough pennies to buy it.... Only got my Xbox 360 a couple of weeks ago, im pretty awful at every game ive played up to now..
  10. Who do you reckon the top 10 biggest clubs in England are? Don't want to start an argument here but it will probably inevitably lead to one.. Imo In terms of success: 1. Man Utd 2. Liverpool 3. Arsenal 4. Chelsea 5. Everton 6. Aston Villa 7. Tottenham 8. Man City 9. Nottingham Forest 10. (Struggling to find a 10th, West Ham maybe?) In terms of fanbase: 1. Man Utd 2. Liverpool 3. Arsenal 4. Everton 5. Newcastle 6. Aston Villa 7. Chelsea 8. Man City 9. Leeds (There fan base is pretty poor considering) 10. Tottenham Overall: 1. Man Utd 2. Liverpool 3. Arsenal 4. Everton 5. Chelsea 6. Aston Villa 7. Man City 8. Leeds 9. Newcastle (due to them being pretty much the only club in that part of the world) 10. Tottenham
  11. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Got them dirty dingles (Barnsley) tomorrow night away, should be a good un.. They really are a horrible, dirty little club though..
  12. Re: I think I'm like.... Im like a better version of John Carew..
  13. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Please take him.. 4 million would be a bargain for us especially as his contract runs out at the end of the season.. He really hasn't been performing all season.. Although the reason for this is probably because the contract we offered him wasn't good enough.. He doesn't deserve a massive wage rise anyway the way he's been acting, he WILL leave in January, and when he does I will be very happy.. Having said that, he really is a class act, when he was bothered last season he was brilliant, very quick also. Would be a very good signing for you. If he was mentally the same player this season as he was last season, i doubt we would be where we are in the league now, he was key to our success in defence, you just have to look at our defensive record this season to see the difference . Also well played yesterday, we should have got something out of the game but that's what you get when none of your strikers can actually finish.. Top two for you lot methinks. UTB!
  14. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Any of you coming down to Sheffield on Monday night? Should be a good un..
  15. Re: Your Footballing Life I played for Hackenthorpe Warriors (Sunday League Team) for a couple of years from the age of about 10 - 12.. We got promoted 2 consecutive seasons which was good.. I trained at the Sheffield United Academy and they liked me, i quit both though due to personal reasons.. Im going to join another team in the next year or so, might try to get semi-pro for Sheffield FC or someone depending on how school goes. I also play five a side a lot.. We have a decent team "Multiple Scoregasms".. Very original i know .
  16. Re: Do You Find England Bad To Watch? Every game it painfully boring to watch.. England are possibly the only team who can win 5-0 and still be extremely dull and boring.. Its all about club football .
  17. Re: Romelo Lukaku Arn't the Belgium rating changes starting this week? Really hope he gets a good rise
  18. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Im gettin an Xbox 360 Elite at the end of next week, ordered it yesterday, it comes with Fifa 10 and Need For Speed . Never had a 360 before but play on my mates now and again.. Might take a bit of getting used to..
  19. Re: Andre Marriner is useless Lucas is a poor mans Fletcher mate, hes not great at all.. But still, not a great excuse for them.
  20. Re: Andre Marriner is useless Urgh.. This makes me feel ill.. Its like dhiorreah arguing with cow sick..
  21. Re: Andre Marriner is a piece of **** Who cares! You have to give Liverpool something.. It is there cup final afterall, Man Utd will win the league and Liverpool will struggle to break into the top four, you have to let them have some glory.. Man Utd will have the last laugh as they always do.. Horrible Club.. UTB!
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