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  1. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Bad, yet again.. Weve gone from having the best defence in the league (last season) to conceding 10 goals in three games.. It was a better performance than our last two games but that doesn't say much, it was still very bad.. Ched Evans has been awful, but on the bright side Henri Camara looked sharper in the half an hour he was on than Ched has all season. Blackwell needs to go or get things sorted big time.. UTB!
  2. Re: Romelo Lukaku The Belgium rating changes are soon arn't they? What kind of rise is he looking at?
  3. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Oh dear that was dire.. Such a weird atmosphere.. We are so bad at football.. Oh well.. UTB!
  4. Re: Is Obama really Bin Laden? Obama is definitley Osama.. Did you know 60% of the word Obama is Osama? There the proof!
  5. Re: Footballers On Facebook.. 2 weeks ago Emmanuel Adebayor says LOL at the Arsenal fans Mark Hughes, Craig Bellamy and 938 others like this -- Robin Van Persie - Emmanuel ur a r8 idiot ------------------------- 15 minutes ago Anyone playin on Wednesday? Dno if i can b bovvered lolz -- Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and David James like this. -- Steven Gerrard - Ive pulled my calf lolz ----------------- 20 seconds ago Sir Alex Ferguson says I might retire at the end of the season.. Arsene Wenger, Rafael Benitez and 17 others like this. ---------------------------------------- Wayne Rooney can't wait for the World Cup. Michael Owen can't wait for the World Cup. Emile Heskey can't wait for the World Cup. Jermain Defoe can't wait for the World Cup. Carlton Cole can't wait for the World Cup. Gabby "GMan" Agbonlahor can't wait for the World Cup. Peter Crouch can't wait for the World Cup. ---------------------------------------------
  6. Re: Football Lookalikes !! You should delete your posts! Embarassing and pathetic accusing someone of being racist for that.. Oh dear.
  7. Re: Football Lookalikes !!
  8. Re: England V Ukraine K/O? Kyle Walker and/or Kyle Naughton would do a fantastic job at right back for England, and i am sure they will both be England regulars in years to come.. They won't be chose until they have left talent spoling Spurs.
  9. Re: England V Ukraine K/O? Blades have strikers who can't score and midfielders who can't pass.. Luckily 75% of our defence can defend. Yet we are simply amazing at football and make Brazil look average..
  10. Re: England V Ukraine K/O? A word that rhymes with taped comes to mind..
  11. Re: England V Ukraine K/O? The depressing truth is that if England come up against a half decent team they will get ripped apart.. I find it hard to get excited about England games anymore, a team full of big time charlies, no thanks. UTB!
  12. Re: When do player ratings changes happen? I actually still don't know this.. Anyone?
  13. Re: COTY 2009 - 1st Round - Muntasir Vs Henrik Larsson Voted Munty, as soon as he starts to type i think "wow, how amazing" the way he types is brilliant, and he deserves a medal.
  14. Re: Cannavaro fails drug test!! He got swarmed by the press when he left his house this morning.
  15. Re: Cannavaro fails drug test!! I was buzzing before i heard this news.
  16. Re: Cannavaro fails drug test!! Some say it could bee a mistake..
  17. Re: Cannavaro fails drug test!! Apparently he was buzzing around the chemist a bit too much.
  18. Re: Cannavaro fails drug test!! He got stung by a bee. He took some medication. It showed up on his drugs test. GUTTED!
  19. Re: A few Coca Cola Championship Rating Changes Walker defo to 84 now. Started every game this season, top class player. No doubt in my mind that he will play for England one day.
  20. Re: england v ukraine Pathetic.. Don't think there is need for a boycott, not many people will be stupid enough to pay that for it anyway. Not too fussed about watching meaningless England game nowadays anyway, its toss.
  21. Re: The Best Football Boots Are..... Got these yesterday. Nike Total 90 Laser 2. Like the design, great colour and comfortable.
  22. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season 1-1 Draw with Donny at home.. Was quite poor yet again.. They really are a shocking team and like Ipswich we should have easily beat them.. Its like a repeat of last season up to now, average start to the season then we put together a good run and get right up there. Away at Scunny next, should be a laugh, and a win is needed there! UTB!
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