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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread No.. Ronaldo was the new Giggsy.
  2. Re: The Boro Fans Thread. Greatest team in Teeside* .. Although technically Yorkshire, you will never be a proper Yorkshire club.. Although if you were a proper Yorkshire club.. You would still be the best at the moment :l
  3. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season We were absolutley dire for 75% of the match.. Hoof Hoof Hoof! Happy that we came back from 3-1 but its 2 points dropped.. Also, a lot of teams around us lost so its not too bad.. UTB!
  4. Re: Nassim Ben Khalifa Just bought him for my Huddersfield.. Basically the only team i have on SM any more that a care about! Looks like he has potential, will hopefully rise a decent amount
  5. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season I have a feeling that if we thrash Ipswich tomorrow Keane will either be sacked or he'll walk.. Although knowing us we will make it hard for ourselves.. I also have a feeling that Warnock will jump onto the pitch when the ref isn't looking tomorrow against Wednesday and score Palaces winning goal. UTB!
  6. Re: The Official Leeds United FC Okay then.. A lot of Leeds fans. With the exception of Seftinho. and, i have met quite a lot of Leeds fans and they all look exactly the same.
  7. Re: The Official Leeds United FC You know what i mean.. The fans.. I'l make sure im more specific next time.. Fred: Haha, Leeds lost last week Leedsfan: Yeah but we are bigger than you
  8. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread You'll walk the league this season...... How many goals have you scored?!
  9. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Ffs! How bad are our strikers? Henderson couldn't score in a brothel and Evans doesn't seem bothered at all.. Pigs beat Cardiff which kind of does us a favour, a number of our promotion rivals dropped points today.. Win on Tuesday vs Ipswich (if we don't do that i'l be worried) and next Saturday against Donny, and we should be back on track.. UTB!
  10. Re: The Official Leeds United FC Im not disagreeing with Leeds being a big club.. They are blatantly a big club, massive attendances, fan base, winning loads of trophies etc etc.. They are in League one, hence why they are not great at football at the moment.. (surely even you can grasp that). Wednesday have won one league cup in the last 50 years (there only trophy).. They have a big stadium which most of the time is only half full.. and we consistently finish above them in the league, and have higher attendances than them.. United arn't a big club.. But at this moment in time.. We are better than Leeds and Wednesday (goes without saying) but that really isn't the point.. Can't believe im arguing about this with an Arsenal fan! Who probably doesn't go to support his club at all, but is taking the high ground simply because he "supports" a superior team.. Makes me laugh, it really does.
  11. Re: The Official Leeds United FC No not jealous at all! There is nothing to be jealous of! and im sorry if you think im being sarcastic in what i am saying.. Ive had a read back of my posts and it really does sound that way! I was simply stating the reason that you are MASSIVE.. The reason being that Leeds is a MASSIVE city with just one club.. Redebe, please stop being so defensive.. I think ive touched a nerve there havn't i! In conclusion Are Leeds a big club - Yes Too bad your garbage at football ;) ;) UP THE BLADES!
  12. Re: Mad fan pics Man Utds version of "The Kop"? But with a twist, occasionally in the game several thousand Man Utd fans join in with the chant "United, United".. I bet they even hand out sheets with words to the chants on them!
  13. Re: Mad fan pics I always want Man Utd to win whenever we arn't playing them.. I would rather them win the Premier League than any other of the big 4.. But, there fans are absolutley awful.. Don't like them one bit! A set of arrogant spanners.. The noise level away at Oakwell last season was 10x louder than a full Old Trafford.. There fans epitomise everything that is wrong with the modern football supporter.. UTB!
  14. Re: The Official Leeds United FC MASSIVE! Our rivals on the pork side of Sheffield class themselves as a big club.. Even though we have finished above them for the last 10 years, and have had higher attendances than them for most of them.. Of course you are a big club! Over 760 thousand people live in Leeds, a City which only has one football club.. If you didn't consistently average well over 20k there would be something seriously wrong! MASSIVE! UTB!
  15. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Marlon Harewood is a poor player in my opinion, and has a remarkable resemblance to Homer Simpson. We were linked with him last season and i remember most Blades not wanting him. May do an okay job in the Championship, but imo hes nothing more than average.. UTB!
  16. Re: The Coca-Cola Championship 2009/10 Season Henri Camara Fabrice Pancrate Facundo Zampa (Argentine Midfielder) Sebastien Carole All on trial with the Blades. With the exception of Carole, i think the other three would be brilliant signings. Imo Camara will score goals for us at this level, and he has bags of pace, would be a handful for any defence in the Championship. Pancrate did a decent job at Paris Saint Germain, good passer of the ball, would do a great job for us imo. Zampa is a young Argentine midfielder, thats all i read before i made my mind up about him But seriously, don't know much about him. Carole is awful, recently turned down by Leeds, released at Brighton and Tranmere, and was refused a trial at Blackpool. No from me. But the other 3 could strengthen our squad considerably imo. UTB!
  17. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread If youve got a paper thing squad in this division, and you pick up a few injuries, you are buggered.. Weve had large ish squads but with a number of squad players, who were nothing more than average.. We now have a reasonably small squad, but more quality.. Youve had a good start, but i think you could fade as the season goes on, as so many teams have done in the past.. UTB!
  18. Re: Arsenal Gossip Chicken, rice and pea Chicken, rice and pea Chicken, pea and rice Chicken & rice Chicken & rice AND PEA! Adebayor, what an idiot.. But it was brilliant.. Funny watching all the Arsenal fans gettin wound up! and well done for giving that chump Van Persie a bloody face..
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