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  1. Re: Julian Draxler does anyone know how he is progressing? thanks
  2. Re: newcastle player changes!!! It would be a understatement to say that I am disaapointed that Tiote only went up by 1 tbh.
  3. Re: 91+ potential left backs Kieran Gibbs
  4. Re: Gary Cahill Swap for Ramsey or Romeu?? Will he rise in these changes tho?
  5. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12 So.... Thoughts on Gary Cahill, Bolton are having a nightmare but he has been playing for England. Will he just stay at 88 or drop or rise thanks
  6. Re: Conor McAleny - Another Everton Prospect He has been added to the database if anyone wants to snap him up
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2011/2012 (I) Thoughts on Shinji KAGAWA?? Thanks
  8. Is he worth buying? will he rise? Cheers
  9. Now 22! He was playing football for Chelsea before he retired at 18 through injury to his knees which kept him out, a few years down the line and Chelsea have given him a new contract. The specail one once said he was one for the future. If he comes good and stays if could be a great player/signing. Cheers
  10. Re: Miguel Angel - Barcelona Talent How many of these are on the database??? Cheers
  11. Re: What LB should i sign out of these 3 ? Leighton Baines is a quality LB i agree with everyone Coentroa Cash in on Cesar and buy a up and coming keeper such as Courtois RVP 's form atm is amazing and Nasir is not always guanteed a game
  12. Re: What is the best striker out of these Gameiro Or Barrios, who is better, more likily to rise? Cheers
  13. Will he Rise? he is available and fairly cheap but i am looking for players that will improve, in the next changes thanks. Cheers
  14. Re: Marc Albrighton - Future Star! Will he rise in the next changes?
  15. Please can i have some info please, is he playing well, is he as good as his brother? He is only rated 76 and i have seen some good reviews about him, what are your thoughts will he get a rise in the dutch changes which are happing soon? Cheers
  16. Re: Marco Reus or Adam johnson No imo!! i think Johnson is a better player
  17. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread HEY!!! Who are the must buys in the league, just a couple would be nice.. and are there any big risers in the league or any players that could be as good as messi etc thanks
  18. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||- Who are the must buys in the league, just a couple would be nice.. and are there any big risers in the league or any players that could be as good as messi etc thanks
  19. Re: How much will they rise? Balotelli and Lewandowski should get 90 in my opinion!!
  20. Re: jose enrique Any chance of 90 this time around and 91 at the end of the season?? Cheers
  21. Re: Andre Ayew / Jordan Ayew Did not want to start a new thread... but how are these guys doing in France? Will rise in the next changes? Is Jordan Ayew starting games? can i have some info peeps. cheers
  22. Re: Kevin De Bruyne someone help please!!!
  23. Well he is playing every week at liverpool and he is playing very well, any chance of a change??? Thanks
  24. I know clubs are interested in him, but what is his form like for Genk? Will he rise anytime soon? What do you think he will peak at roughly? Cheers
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