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  1. Re: Pedigree: Official Thread Fiorentina go top of Division 1. The cherry on the cake of an already perfect day of football!
  2. Re: Pedigree: Official Thread Fiorentina Squad Goalkeepers Weidenfeller (90) Jones (82) Defenders Alves (95) Nesta (93) Tymoschuk (90) Pereira (90) Zabaleta (89) Antonini (89) Perisic (87) Simpson (87) Gibbs (87) Boyata (84) Bertrand (83) Midfielders Toure (93) Cambiasso (93) Menez (90) Park (90) Sessegnon (89) Pizzaro (89) Draxler (86) Livermore (84) Gardner (83) Forwards Briand (89) Jelavic (88) Guidetti (85) Fairly happy with that. First team average of 91. Bit gutted to miss out on a big name striker but have plenty of cash left so will hopefully pick one up
  3. Re: Pedigree: Official Thread Managed to get a few decent signings at Fiorentina - mainly Dani Alves and Yaya Toure. Way short on numbers though at the moment. What happens to villareal now if they can't get enough players to field a team?
  4. Re: New Game World: Pedigree Just applied for Fiorentina.
  5. Re: Smörgåsbord is coming! I'll take Fram please.
  6. Re: Smörgåsbord is coming! I wouldn't mind having a crack at this. It'd be nice to get in from the start in a custom gameworld for a change. Just a question on the ratings cap. Does that mean you can buy an 84 riser and still play them when they go beyond 84? Or would you have to sell them?
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