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  1. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. I would be open to taking an open spot if that's alright
  2. Re: How do I join a custom setup? bumpppppppp
  3. Hi, I know I sound like a complete noob but how do I join a custom setup? I haven't been on here in forever, and want to start playing again. I go to "add club" and the only option I have is to choose from some potential teams they've offered me in world championships or look up game world ID's. Help would be much appreciated, thanks!
  4. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Hey, I'm just wondering if there's a reason why Lille isn't under management yet? I'm just really eager to possibly get my chance in this setup lol.
  5. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. Bump bump bump
  6. Re: The Intercourse, General Banter Thread. I'd love to be a reserve for any captain who'd be willing to take me. If any spots open I'd love to take over!!
  7. Re: Mr Adamski and Kensational enter sexual relations! All is revealed! Any room left? I'd be interested in joining.
  8. Re: Mugshots I know it's off topic but are you Croatian or Australian? Where were you raised? Ok sorry for bringing it off topic kind of. Also he doesn't look Indian lol.
  9. Re: Official NBA Thread 2 spots for the fantasy league left. This is going to be wicked! Draft is on monday.
  10. Re: Official NBA Thread We need more people to join. Anyone interested?
  11. Re: Official NBA Thread You're in Oakville??? Awesome! Have you gone to a Toronto FC game? If we make the playoffs I'll invite you to a TFC game. Cheers!
  12. Re: Official NBA Thread Kylan I'm in. Also I'm sure all you UK guys are jealous. I can drop 20 bucks to go see any NBA team and I just have to take the subway a bit to get there. But I still only go to like a game a season. Turkoglu in Toronto now. My Turkish homeboy lol. EDIT!!!!!!! How does scoring work?
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