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  1. Is Germany definitely done now? No chance of Muller, Alaba etc tomorrow?
  2. Who says he's on the decline? SM. Who else though? He's had quite a few injuries of late, but don't forget he was a world cup winner only 18 months ago. 26 for a centre half is not a declining age either, he still hasn't peaked yet. The SM rating drop IMO was a complete joke.
  3. I think getting rid of Umtiti for Rice is a very bad move tbh.
  4. Thanks for the Holland info @Soccahappy , appreciate it mate!
  5. When will Holland be reviewed please? Is it usually straight after the big 5?
  6. Does anyone think Depay could get a plus 1 at all?
  7. Sorry, a question. What has happened to the Dutch league? I see they upped a few Ajax players, but seen nothing else? Why do just a handful?
  8. I like your predictions mate. Couple of comments though, I think Zakaria could get +2 to 90 actually, and I also think Matondo plus6 is a good shout, I hope so! Got him in most of my games haha.
  9. A bit late now as I've already done the deal, but..... My Kimpembe and 15m for his John Stones. Good deal?
  10. Exactly, and moura playing in a better, tougher league. I do guess Suso has improved though since his spell over here.
  11. What do you mean by that mate? Surely a 92 rated regular defender playing for a team like PSG would be extremely harsh if he dropped to 91 would it not?
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