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  1. A bit late now as I've already done the deal, but..... My Kimpembe and 15m for his John Stones. Good deal?
  2. Can we assume Germany is now finished?
  3. Exactly, and moura playing in a better, tougher league. I do guess Suso has improved though since his spell over here.
  4. What do you mean by that mate? Surely a 92 rated regular defender playing for a team like PSG would be extremely harsh if he dropped to 91 would it not?
  5. Why do a lot of you think Thiago Silva will drop to 91 from 92 just out of interest? Still a regular in a very dominant PSG side.
  6. I have Boakye from Red Star Belgrade and just wondering if I should keep him for the time being? I'm trying to trim my big squad. Will Serbia be reviewed anytime soon? Cheers.
  7. Any idea what league review might be next or very soon? Want a couple of cheap risers to make a bit of money.
  8. Oscar Linner, AIK goalkeeper to be reviewed in next couple of days. Currently 77, any chance of a rise?
  9. Really not looking good for any more Italy changes. Looks like Spain has continued today, and no return to Serie A. Cannot believe Jorginho and Hysaj haven't risen 1.
  10. Hysaj not got 91 either. Hopefully tomorrow?
  11. In your Spanish predictions you said Nacho 91, but now you've changed your mind?
  12. I'm more bothered that if Jesus got 92, then so should Otamendi. Can't believe he hasn't.
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