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  1. Both have left Milan for pastures new, but what i'm wondering is if Ibra will drop now he has joined a team in a lower ranked country, where the rating cap is lower? And also when do you think Nesta will start to drop now he has made the move to Major League? Will it be this set of changes do you think, or the next time around? Thank you
  2. sm1979


    Re: Sweden I'd just like to add Joackim Jorgensen to the list too. Only 80 rated just now but I can see him getting to 82 or 83 having started all 12 of Elfsborg's games this season. Maybe even an outside chance of 84 - but then again this is my first ever rating prediction.
  3. Re: Higuain/Gotze/Mata/hazard deals Agreed, great deal if you can get it.
  4. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Lol, i'm happy too as no drop for Nesta or Ibrahimovic!
  5. Re: Job offers, tweak. I take it nobody else gets frustrated at not getting the big jobs then after all their hard work with a smaller club? The Man Utd job in my gameworld was offered to the Arsenal manager who already had a quality side - he was never going to accept it. Anyway, he never accepted or rejected the job - so it just stayed there until it fell off, then a brand new manager got the job, from outside our gameworld. There are many managers in our league that were deserving of the job, rather than a 40 rated new guy. It certainly feels like a game of fastest finger first instead of rewarding existing managers.
  6. In all gameworlds I manage in, the same problem crops up time and again. Managers get offered jobs like Man Utd, and they just leave it pending without accepting or declining. This time expires, and a new manager gets the job from outside the current gameworld. I feel that more managers should be offered the role within your own gameworld, ie 3 offers for around 48 hours only each. This would give people enough time, and a better chance, to get a big job. In most of my gameworlds I'm already at a good club, but I just feel for friends / other managers lower down the leagues at smaller clubs that would love a shot at a bigger job.
  7. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Alex of Chelsea, any ideas?
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 What about Alex of Chelsea? He's not on the list. I personally think he'll drop by 1, but might be due to get his place in the team back. If he gets in now, and Chelsea start to defend better, he might have a chance to stay.
  9. Re: Bangura bros BTW, they aren't brothers. I thought they were too, both from Sierra Leone, both moved to the same Swedish club, but not brothers. Apparently really good friends from very young though. I got shut of both weeks ago.
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions In my gameworld I am current league champions at Liverpool (my first ever silverware, was then followed a few days later by a Champions League Final win). I have a fairly aging team though, but have lots of attacking players with potential in my youth team. But I have not really got any defensive youth prospects. I have just broke my spending structure to bring in Phil Jones, but I think I could do with 1 more. I have been looking at Brazil to maybe get somepotential in, and the 2 players I have been drawn to (on stats alone) at Leandro Castan (Corinthians) and Conserva Fagner (Vasco) could any of these realistically be 92/93/94 breed of players of the future?
  11. Re: Are there different match days in different leagues? Ah brill, never realised my other game played Thursday / Sunday simply because it was a custom league. Cheers for that mate, appreciated.
  12. I am considering taking on another club. I have one club that plays on Wednesday/Saturdays, and in another league the matches are played Thursday/Sundays. Is there any other combination of days please? And also I heard a rumour that in certain gameworlds matches are played every other day - no idea how true this is though. Cheers for any help guys.
  13. Re: Argentina Clausura What chance has Luciano Balbi of Lanus improving a few more than initially predicted? Luciano, Balbi 80 -> 81 (720 Mins, 1 Assit) was the prediction, but now he has played much more. According to Soccerway he has now played 1980 minutes, and may be playing again tomorrow morning. Surely more than a +1 is in order?
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