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  1. The missing word begins with s and is the bodily fluid of varying density that is excreted from the anus.
  2. Again let us use the old interface no matter what device we are on. Ipad phone etc. At the moment if I'm forced onto the new interface I just turn it off and play somthing else. The new interface looks ok but I don't give a rats ass about how it looks it plays . And this is coming from a player with 10 years experience on SM.
  3. Hate the new interface , sure it looks pretty but but it's rubbish to play. I've been playing SM for 10 years and I find it almost unplayable. I keep trying to get onto the old interface on my I pad but it keep defaulting to the new. Doesn't give me the option to switch to the old. I love SM , I was the first player to make it to 1000 manager points in the history of the game, but I hate this new interface with a passion. Give us the option to switch no matter what device we are on PLEASE I'm begging.
  4. Player of the month, only 88 , starting every game for arsenal. Should be at least a + 1 and if the game is truly based on performance then should be a plus 2 . I'm not biased I'm a Liverpool fan. Good genuine up and coming player who needs the points improvement.
  5. Re: New view of the website It is genuinely awful , I also thought that the pages hadn't loaded up properly they look that bad. Home page is just a joke.
  6. Re: Players Positions Poll I have been playing this game for 7 years now and can honestly say this is one of the worst changes in the history of SM. This combined with the over zealous application of player concerns is putting me off the game.
  7. Re: New User Interface [beta] :mad::mad::(:(:( IT's SOOOOOOOOOOO SLOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Re: New User Interface [beta] Hate the new screen setup , they re trying to put too much info on one page. I have been playing this game for years (Im in english championship 10) and Im NOT HAPPY. Just to top it off have you noticed that the screens are taking a little bit longer to load up
  9. Re: How many player can I have on my team? 255 still gives a massive scope to scout players. and lets face it these players will mostly be low point potential risers. Its not as if people are sitting there with 200 90+ rated players. And if they did the new system of players getting unhappy will soon sort them out. The system seems fine as it is. I dont want people over blocked in their deals such as in a 26 man squad nor do I want to see people with 1000 players so I think its ok as it is. I have to dmit I only keep about 40 players pretty much all of which are 90 + and I have to work hard at keeping them happy. Lee Thomas MAN U E10
  10. Re: Best formation ARGH!!! Im sorry mate but I have to spell this out once and for all. THere is no best formation. Each formation has its own advantages and what works well against one formation dosnt work well against others. Imagine rock,paper, sissors but on a massive scale. Every single thread on this entire forum saying "whats the best formation for my squad " is 100% redundant. I dont know exactly how many manager points I have but I must be getting close to 1500 so I know what im talking about. EVERY game you have to consider what tactics your opponent is going to play. THERE IS NO BEST FORMATION. On the other hand I have to say DONT play players out of position even if their skill rating is higher. I even take this to the next level and state if a player is listed CB/RB then you should think of this player as a CB. there is a form drop playing in the secondary position if you can get away with it DONT DO IT. If you want to check my manager credentials so you know im not talking s*** then Im Lee Thomas Man U English 10. The highest rated (non gold), ie in a real competative league ,manager in the history of SM.
  11. Re: Arsenal Tactical Help Needed....Please! No It was a statement of fact In the sense that you will get a dramatic drop in form playing a forward player in that position. Even one who is F/W whould not play as part of a five man defence. I have some experience in this being the highest rated (non gold member) in the history of SM so I do know what im talking about. Lee Thomas MAN U E10
  12. Re: Arsenal Tactical Help Needed....Please! In my experience RM's play well in the right wingback position. RM's seem to do better than RB's
  13. Re: Arsenal Tactical Help Needed....Please! Im not mistaken mate your players will experience a drop in performance in that position. If you want to check my credentials check out the best managers list. Lee Thomas MAN U English 10
  14. Re: Arsenal Tactical Help Needed....Please! vucinic cant play there in that formation, wingers cant play in a 5 man def particularly one who is F/w
  15. Re: Arsenal Tactical Help Needed....Please! Remember if a player is CM/AM then they play better in CM than AM there is a v slight drop in ability at the secondary position , THIS IS VERY IMPROTANT to remeber esp if you have lots of players playing in their secondary positions.
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