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  1. Re: I have found a gem!! He was rubbish for Derby too!!! I remember him coming to us and everyone was excited, like he was going to be our Cristiano Ronaldo! He got booked all the time picked up a couple of red cards and failed to inspire a poor championship team. No one was disappointed to see him return to Portugal! Although we have a poor Premiership side now, our players we have are still better than him. I can't believe he's rated as high as 86.
  2. Re: German Changes I guess on current form my new stuttgart team are going to suffer with the ratings changes! :( Hopefully they won't drop too much!
  3. Re: Is there any young CF's out there?! Krkic has already been snapped up in my setup! And he costs more than a million!!
  4. Hi there guys. I've been searching back through the forums for ages now and haven't found what I was looking for! I've spent most of my budget for my teams already, but I've been looking for a decent CF prospect and haven't come across any that haven't been bought or risen out of my budget already! If anyone knows of a young CF (I already have loads of young F's) can you post them here? Preferably players that cost less than £1m but will rise to at least mid 80's soon and possibly a lot further in the future. I'm not asking for much am i! ;) Thanks in advance...
  5. Re: My team keeps drawing!! Well, I just lost my first match I played 3-5-2 away to a weaker managed team, and I got thumped 3-1 and they had 9 men for most of the match! I think I'm going to go back for a 4-3-2-1, I'm just not confident with 3 at the back. Any other suggestions would be great though. I've not got a lot of money in the bank although some players are transfer listed and possibly on their way out.
  6. Hi, I recently started playing the game at the end of the last season and have built a strong team, that has higher ratings than all the others in my division but I must be going wrong with the tactics because I've only won twice and drawn 5 out of my first 7 games. A lot of the teams in my division are unmanaged but they are drawing against me. I've been playing a 4-3-2-1 formation for a while but it wasn't really working out until I signed Galasek for the last match. This is my squad: BYWATER, Stephen G 26 84 100 Superb £3.5M CAMP, Lee G 23 81 10
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