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  1. Re: The Official Leeds United FC I think not too many alas, now Newcastle is entirely caused by the failure of their management. Newcastle fans will be sorry for the Newcastle's relegation, and like us neutral fans would sit on the sidelines.
  2. Re: Sir Alex Ferguson Vs Bob Paisley who is/was the better manager Both Sir Alex Ferguson and Bob Paisley are fantastic football managers, Sir Alex Ferguson old some more, and in recent years become more gentle, good and gentle, and his lineup and management ability is top-notch.
  3. Re: Nicolas Milian Sounds good, I did not know him before, now I have in-depth understanding of him.
  4. I support for Argentina, and Messi is Argentina's main, so I like him very much, his technology is good, but he isn’t the person who is very assertive, like the feeling that he was on the pitch.
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