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  1. david luiz + 24 mil = hummels? Thanks for the help
  2. I feel like the whole substitution process could be updated, and I have a few suggestions; 1) if a player gets hurt he should be substituted automatically (with a predetermined player) 2) there could be a feature that would identify the lowest preforming player and sub him, you would have to have multiple settings for this obviously 3) "rolling" substitutions, for instance if your team is drawing after 60 mins then you change the team then they start losing at 73 i would be cool if there were a feature where you could make subs based off of the subs you've already made - let me know what you guys think, i can clarify if need be it's rather late and i'm off to bed soon
  3. Re: Buying a Cash Injection it would further devalue the influence of money in competitive leagues, and it would also completely defeat the purpose of the game for new game worlds and for that i don't think it is practical however interesting haha
  4. Re: Young Team MILITO, Gabriel Daniel/DAWSON, Michael/FELLAINI, Marouane get rid of them you have alot of deadwood, general rule of thumb for me is if they're not 16 and they're rated under 70 get rid of them you're losing some much money one wages, and if a players is 24+ and lower than 87 you need to get rid
  5. Re: squad help!! highlighted them hope it helps
  6. Re: My Sunderland squad suggested these players to someone else, just a few off the top of my head: sanchez, rossi, aguero, suarez, chicharito, mata, gotze, kroos, muller (even though seemingly he didn''t have the best of seasons), hazard, sakho, hummels, subotic, luiz, cissokho, coentrao, marcelo, modric would also sell ------------------------------V.Valdes (93) --------------------J.Terry (94)---------R.Carvalho (93) ------P.Lahm (94)------------------------------------------C.Adriano (91) J.Navas (92)---------D.Stankovic (92)-----A.Song (91)------M.Vucinic (92) -------------------------------------------F.Totti (92) -------------------------D.Villa (96) Subs:S.Maxwell, G.Gattuso , R.Montolivo , W.Samuel , J.Bosignwa, C.Gordon, M.Perreira,B.Alves,S.Simao Youth team : K.Papadopoulos,J.Matip,S.Coulibaly So,what to improve on?I don't have a big budget but i can sell some players if necessery.
  7. Re: Who to replace Rami? also may want to take a gander at these links http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=97196 http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=78979
  8. Re: Who to replace Rami? although it pains me to help a mannyu fan, i have heard through the grapevine that dede and welinton are two prospects, with weliton being the more likely
  9. Re: Young 85~89 Def/Dm needed! andrea poli, phil jones (centerback but can play there), raphael varane (centerback but can play there), moussa sissoko are the ones i know of
  10. Re: bale or coentrao see the 2 games against inter have gotten people thinking haha, but seriously coentrao is a much better buy. He will be playing in the late stages of the champions league most likely as well as pushing barce all the way in la liga, and he'll be playing in the euro's with portugal who have a very good team. You dont spend the 30mil or what ever the price was to have a player sit on your bench...
  11. Re: drogba or torres torres fo sho, think boas will get the best out of torres unfortunately
  12. Re: Keep Theo Walcott? imagine that an arsenal fan telling you to keep walcott hahaha, but i agree with him. i feel like alot of people see him as being a flop, but he still so young and if he can cement a starting spot for the goooooooners he should rise next season. (which i think he probably will) if you're still unsure wait and see what happens this summer with the market and see who arsenal let go and bring in
  13. Re: My Squad Messi 99 Ronaldo 98 Iniesta 97 Ibrahimovic 96 Pique 95 Sneijder 95 Cambiasso 95 Ozil 94 Busquets 94 Ramos 94 Torres 94 Reina 93 Sagna 92 Ramires 91 M`Vila 90 Javi Martinez 90 Maxwell 90 Neymar 89 Balotelli 89 Witsel 89 You have a very good team. The ones in red are players i suggest you get rid of because I can see them falling fairly soon, and feel like you could get very good deals for them now. I would also keep martinez as he is rated very highly and of the players you're getting in return only muniain has a good chance of getting 90/+ in the next year or so. Some players I would suggest players that are younger and have a very good chance of rising, these would be players like; sanchez, rossi, aguero, suarez, chicharito, mata, gotze, kroos, muller (even though seemingly he didn''t have the best of seasons), hazard, sakho, hummels, subotic, luiz, cissokho, coentrao, marcelo, modric (most of these are 90+ and will most likely change fairly soon and are not really huge gambles)
  14. Re: Midfield players keep or sell? I would defiantly NOT sell martinez for the other 2 players because the general consensus is he could be in that 94+ bracket if he gets a move, also marin is referred to as the german messi, and it seems like youd be trading like for like, doesn't seem worth it to me
  15. I don't need any particular position to be filled, I just want to know which one of these you think has the most potential to get to 93+ Thanks
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