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    Re: English Championship 5579 -Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread

    Beckett Says Get Over It The Move Is Done!

    After now being told he should be sacked as the Fulham manager Mattuie Beckett has came out saying he did well with League 1 club Barnsley and thay look way better then when he first took over and thay had just three players over 88 rating.
    The new Fulham coach has been sent hate mail this morning by many Barnsley fans saying if it was another coach thay could still be in the Championship but one fan has came out saying we thank Beckett for all he has done for us he has yes got us down a league but signed some grate name I would like to say well done to him for taking the chance to manage Fulham and I wish them the best of luck with Beckett.
    Beckett has came out saying it is a joke how people have turned on me, I was at a ok team yes I would put them in the top 40 in England but we don't need that I need a top 20 team and that is Fulham I have already had big names saying that want out and fans saying why Beckett but get over it the Chairman wants me here I am happy now and that is the main things round here.

    Ex Barnsley Loan Called Back By Beckett!

    It is now known after never playing a EPL game Wojciech Szczesny has been called back by Beckett to try to get first team football, the 21 year old Polish number 2 has said after just 3 games in League 1 under Beckett he thinks this team can be the one to make him the best, he will be fighting with 29 year old Petr Cech who could be called the 2nd best keeper in the world and 19 year old Matej Delac who could also become a big named keeper.
    Beckett has said the 21 year old has shown his power to him now show it again and he will be named number 1.

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    Re: Samed Yesil (The Next Klose?)
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    Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread

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    Re: The Official Boxing Thread
    Cheers but I've found a Sky Box Office one.
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    Re: The Quiz thread.
    Haha I remember only a few who won player of month. April was either Suarez or Odemwingie I can't remember haha, I'm sure Nasri won it some time this year aswell so I'll pick one of those three.
    Suarez wouldn't have had enought time to win twice but the other two would have had a big chance too. Both were quality for there clubs but Nasri went off form a bit during the season, just little blips whereas Odemwingie did well all season realistically. Laugh at me if you will but Odemwingie? He might have got none but I don't know
    Edit: Oh, all that for nothing
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    Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

    Los Blancos Appoint Villas-Boas

    (Villas-Boas Being Presented To The Journalists In Madrid)
    Real Madrid has announced that André Villas-Boas will be their new manager following the sacking of José Mourinho after a number of arguments with the club president (Florentino Pérez), the director general (Jorge Valdano), which Pérez eventually sacked and a host of star players including Cristiano Ronaldo who criticized him for occasionally playing defensive football against big teams.
    After approaching the likes of Carlo Ancelotti, Louis Van Gaal, Rafa Benitez and Frank Rijkaard, it came as a surprise that Real Madrid appointed a relatively inexperienced manager. But Miguel Pardeza, the clubs sporting director assured bemused fans that despite Villas-Boas' lack of experience, he was the ideal person for the job.

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    Re: World Championship 11019 M/R Thread

    Hamburger SV Confirm New Manager

    (Joyous fans celebrate their new manager's arrival)

    Hamburger SV Chairman Carl-Edgar Jarchow has just confirmed moments ago that Josh Hammond will take over as manager of the club. Hammond will replace Michael Oenning, who was sacked for only reaching a disappointing 8th last season. Carl-Edgar Jarchow expects a Hamburger to finish at least 5th this season and a good run in the cup.
    SKY Sports caught up with the Hamburger Chairman and he had this to say:
    Since Hammond returned from his short break he has managed forty-two games and has achieved an impressive ninety-seven points from a possible one hundred and twenty-six.
    We were unable to catch up with the new Hamburger manager as he was busy but he has promised to answer some questions within the next few days.
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Hmm I wouldn't do that. Both had decent-ish seasons, Eto'o slightly better but Benzema is younger.
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Eto'o is safe, while Benzema is not really.
    Plus Eto'o is rated 3 points higher.
    Do that deal
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    I'd do that' date=' Get Eto, He might be older but hes still above benzema by a few ratings. ..
    Note that he would like move to England, so if he dosent settle that well he could drop by one.
    But for now, I would do the deal
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    Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread
    Welcome Krotiz..
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    Re: New Forum Filled World Championship
    I've created it a bit early.
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    Samed Yesil


    Name: Samed Yesil
    Club: Bayer 04 Leverkusen
    Position: Forward
    Height: 1,78
    Place of birth: Düsseldorf
    Date of birth (age): 25/05/1994 (17)
    Nationality: Germany/Turkey
    Country: Germany

    National Stats:
    FIFA Under 17's World Cup Mexico 2011
    3 Games
    2 Goals
    Germany U17
    17 Games
    15 Goals
    Germany U16
    2 Games
    3 Goals
    Club Stats:
    2010/11 Season
    B-Jgd. BL West
    14 Games
    22 Goals
    2 Assists
    1240 Minutes
    A-Jgd. BL West
    7 Games
    2 Goals
    427 Minutes
    Who is he like?:
    Miroslav Klose

    Samed plays as the Number 9 striker who is gifted at Poaching, most of his goals have been them much like Klose, seems a tad quicker than Miroslav has ever been, maybe a new age German striker, but i believe he has show he can score at all levels he has played at thus far and his ability to get goals and Poachers type of goals will give him a great chance of becoming a big player.
    World Cup U17 Showing Both his goals + Others from Germany.

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    Re: Official Arsenal Thread

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    Re: Wolves - EC 7777

    8 Goal Thriller Ends in Draw.
    Fulham come back from 4-1 down to level with Wolves.

    Fulham 4
    Wolves 4
    Division 1, Referee: Chris Foy
    Craven Cottage, Attendance: 22,542
    Necid (4)
    Gago (11)
    Salihovic (29)
    Borriello (43 Pen)
    Petric (46)
    Denisov (52)
    Pastore (58)
    Jansen (80)

    Mkhitaryan for Salihovic (60)
    Schurrle for Del Moral(60)

    Jansen scores an 80th minute equaliser to round off a sensational match.
    Wolves proved that they can score goals as put 4 past Schwarzer. Both strikers scored and that is exactly what manager Ryan Grosvenor wanted from them. On the other hand, the usually strong defence slipped and let 4 goals in, overall there were some outstanding performances from both sides and both managers should be pleased with the result.
    53% Posession 47%
    9 Total Shots 20
    4 Shots on target 13
    6 Corners 5
    0 Yellow Cards 2 (Necid, Petric)
    0 Red Cards 0
    Man of the Match: Borriello (Fulham)
    Ryan Grosvenor had mixed feelings about the match:
    'I am happy with the draw, but the fact that we were 4-1 up makes me think we lost 2 points here. The lads played very well and I am pleased that we had so many chance and managed to convert 4 of them. Tomas and Mladen both scored which gives them more confidence and I will look forward to more goals from them against Newcastle and Beyond'
    Can you make a comment on your new midfielder, Marvin Martin?
    'He is a great addition to the squad, he should start straight away in the next game and I'm sure he will give Mladen and Tomas some more options and hopefully more goals will be the outcome. I am sad to let Matt Jarvis go the other way but as I said before, we have left on good terms and I wish him and Andy Keogh the best of luck at Sochaux.'
    Wolves are in 18th place with 5 points from 8 games.
    Next Game: Home against Newcastle United

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    Re: EC5579 - Northampton Reports

    13 points out of a possible 18 pleases Hiddink!

    Doncaster 0:1 Northampton

    Johan Elmander comes to the rescue! again..

    Last night Swedish striker Johan Elmander secured a brilliant 1:0 away win over Doncaster who in recent weeks had been under good form under manager Matthew Gerritsen, and after a 1:1 draw in midweek against Crewe Alexandra and a suprise loss at Rochdale, Guus bravely changed the line-up which seemed to please the fans that attended the match collecting his 13th point in charge of Northampton. It was really a must-win match for Northampton!
    The match started off suprisingly quiet to both teams normal standards with only 2/3 attacks occuring in the opening 10 minutes, one which included Gaston Ramirez unfortunately being unable to put Northampton ahead quickly, Gaston before tonights match had been unable to get into the first team with the arrivals of Osorio Alan and Shaun Wright Phillips. When asked a few weeks ago if he was worried with competition from the new arrivals he admitted that it would be tough to the get in the line-up week after week so really he is trying to impress new manager Guus Hiddink. Not long after Gaston's attempt on goal Montillo nearly put Gerritsen's side in the lead but he was also unable to convert the shot. The match went even quieter after the attempts from both players which seemed to worry both managers but with some uplifting shouting from the touchline from Guus, Northampton started to get some shots on goal with Deividas Semberas, Osorio Alan and Hurtado Moises all coming close but still too far away from putting Northampton into the lead. The best chance of the half was when Gaston Ramirez was found running down the wing which lead him into an open space where he was surely to net a goal for Northampton until a poor cross from the wing couldn't help Northampton get that precious goal which they needed. Northampton were looking on top. After the attack the temperature started rising in the air and on the pitch with a tussle going on with Matuidi and the Doncaster defender. No players were booked. But literally 5/6 minutes later on the 41st minuter Jardel come in again with another tough challenge on Alan and was this time cautioned. Overall a fairly quiet half. HALF TIME: Doncaster 0:0 Northampton

    Osorio Alan was getting frustrated with the team.

    The second half started with Northampton knowing that at the moment a 0:0 result would be an decent result and that they could leave the stadium fairly happy with a point but Northampton fans and Guus Hiddink both felt that they should be able to get that decisive goal to put them ahead in the match and to return to Northampton with them 3 points to put them closer to the play-offs. Both teams ran onto the pitch and within minutes transfer-listed "LB" Gareth Roberts for Doncaster was cautioned after a high challenge, things already looked like something big was going to happen. After the challenge Doncaster started to look more controlling in the match with again striker Montillo looking very close to putting them ahead with a right foot shot wide from twenty yards out on the 54th minute and then on the 59th minute a few yards seperated the ball and the net after chipping the ball over the goalkeeper until "rock" Zapata cleared the ball of the line to give Northampton hope to turn this match around! And they did when The ball is pulled back from the by line to the unmarked Johan Elmander, who finishes cleverly to finally put Northampton. Matthew Gerritsen and the Doncaster players/fans looked distraught minutes after nearly putting the ball into the other net! Northampton nearly made it two with Semberas hitting it over the bar. Doncaster had to come back in this but they just couldn't with French youngster Magaye Gueye and Darron Gibson unable to place the ball in the net. On the 87th minute Doncaster had the final chance to put it in the net but the short-range effort was saved by Israeli goalkeeper Dudu Aouate to finish the match. Doncaster 0:1 Northampton!

    Relief for Hiddink.

    That means Guus has secured his 13th point out of a possible 18 with Northampton putting them tied for 3rd for the best league form which surely must please Guus. Northampton are still 7th though but with the Stockport manager resigning this could mean Northampton leap-frogging them. Reports also surround the future of Alvaro Negredo after being left out in the match against Doncaster which they seemed to win without the experienced Spanish forward. He's quoted saying he may leave soon. Northampton face Blackburn in a friendly tonight and on Wednesday they face Brentford at home at Sixfields at 8PM. Watch this space.
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    Re: How to make money off a free website? Advice please!
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    Re: English Championship 7777 - Match Reports,Transfer news etc.
    English Sheild Round One - The Shocks Of The Round

    Dagenham Knock Out West Ham On Penaltys

    West Ham United Fans Came to Victoria Road fully expecting a easy win. However the Daggers who are under the management of Jonas Bengtsson fully expecting that they would be outclassed and out played by the hammers decided to line up very defensively opting for a 4-5-1 formation which seemed to work throughout the game as West ham struggled to find space to play there Direct passing game and Very attacking prerence which Manager Kari demands. Dagenham broke down the Hammers very well restricting them to just eight shots on goal and dominated the possesion states which will please Daggers fans. The Daggers players grew in confidence whilst the traveling west ham support became more and more restless as the game continued. Dagenham we're able to take the game to the final wistle which lead to a heart in mouth situation what we all know as a penalty shout out with Dagenham coming out on top to the delght of the home support. however this loss could be a blessing in disquize for Kari's lads as she and the club have ambitions of better things in the leauge and the chance of champions leauge football.
    Liverpool And Leicester Involved in Thriller

    Division two side Leicester City welcomed Cameron Brown's Liverpool to The Walkers Stadium for a cup tie which all neutral fans dream of. Liverpool opened the scoring after 31 minutes with French Defensive Midfielder Yoann M'Vila turning quickly and fireing into the bottem corner. But after a slow start Leicster City hit back and 6 minutes after the opening goal equalised Franck Moussa skipping past his marker and curling the shot hope to bring everything level. Whatever Leicester boss Danny Rsca at the half time break worked as his players came charging out for the second half catching liverpool of gaurd. Daniel Galbraith bringing the home side into the lead on the 46th minute which was quickly canceled out by a excellent header by Mossua Sow in the 54th minute. Most fans we're expecting that to be the end of the drama however they we're very wrong Ola Toivonen re gave Liverpool the lead in the 66th minute which was quickly added to by Holger Badstuber making the score 4-2 to liverpool. Ola Toivonen then again scored to put the knife right in Leicsters side and making the game seeming totaly done and dusted. However in the 73rd minute Leon Crncic hit back for the home side closing the score line to 5-3 and then again in the 75 minute making the score line 4-5 to liverpool the atmosphere around the Walkers Erupted and many fans we're expecting the greatest cup comback of all time to be on the cards however after much abuse from there manager liverpool rallied and Meireles broke home fans hopes and dreams putting the game totally out of reach in the 89th minute well done has to be said to both sides due to the amazing game they played.
    Northampton Shock Preston At Deepdale

    Fans Traveling to deepdale for the cup tie we're fully expecting a formality win for the home side however the rivalry in the dugout is well know between Ben Newman and Elton who are always the first to comment on each others dealings in the transfer market. However with the Friendly Rivalry being the centre of attention ahead of tonights win many fans we'rent expecting a very attacking game with the managers both going for the win however this fixture turned out to be another one for the neutral supporter. Preston took the lead on the 26th minute with Midfielder Takei hitting home , Tejera then equalised which was quickly followed by Tikhonov giving Town the lead which silenced deepdale going into half time. Town Picked up we're they left off after the break with Tikhonov delighting the away support in further streaching the leauge, Preston fans we're starting to get annoyed with the preformace there players we're showing which was instantly picked up by the players who turned up the pressure on the visators Takei getting the breakthrough and scoring to make the score 3-2 however Northampton put the tie to bed in the 75th minute Del Nero hitting home to the delight of the away support. Preston fans headed for the exits and showed there anger at being knocked out to a division four team however the loss is a blessing for Preston's Leauge ambitions and now can look to push forward.
    The Top Scorer In The Sheild: Kieran Richardson(four Goals)

    Second Round Draw

    Torquay United - Forest Green Rovers
    Blackburn Rovers - Wigan Athletic
    Brentford - Oldham Athletic
    Wrexham - Gillingham
    Ipswich Town - West Bromwich Albion
    Fulham - Aston Villa
    Bristol City - Queens Park Rangers
    Birmingham City - Charlton Athletic
    Rochdale - Morecambe
    Crawley Town - Middlesbrough
    Macclesfield Town - Chelsea
    Tranmere Rovers - Mansfield Town
    Southampton - Sheffield Wednesday
    Cambridge United - Arsenal
    Hull City - Tottenham Hotspur
    Wycombe Wanderers - Aldershot Town
    Manchester United - Doncaster Rovers
    Swansea City - Huddersfield Town
    York City - Peterborough United
    Norwich City - Luton Town
    Swindon Town - Stockport County
    Reading - Sunderland
    Brighton and Hove Albion - Crewe Alexandra
    Dagenham & Redbridge - Southend United
    AFC Wimbledon - Manchester City
    Gateshead - Shorpe United
    Blackpool - Exeter City
    Grimsby Town - Walsall
    Liverpool - Lincoln City
    Leyton Orient - Stevenage
    Watford - Bolton Wanderers
    AFC Bournemouth - Northampton Town

    Wimbeldon will be welcoming the richest team in the country to kingsmeadow in the shape of Manchester City a dream tie for all the division five clubs fans.

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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
    Yes, It's a good trade.
    Even though Gourcuff dropped 1 rating he's still 91 and Milner is only 90 ...
    If Gourcuff can perform better next season and without being injured, He'll get his 92 back in no time !
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    Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010
    Dead ball specialist for Rubin, has formed a very good CM partnership with Noboa. The biggest question with Rubin, lie with Carlos Eduardo, who Rubin paid somewhere around 17M for and has played a total of 6 games, not sure what there plan is when he come back from Injury.
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    Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread
    You should buy Otamendi, he´s a better player at moment. Maicon could become great in future too, but Otamendi is better now. He will be a starter for Porto next season and he is also part of Argentia NT, i think he can rise to 90 in next Portuguese changes or the one after. Cheers.
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    Re: Otamendi, Maicon (Porto) or Gary Cahill?
    Either Maicon or Cahill, these are the two most likely to rise in the future. Take a look at your chairman valuation and see which one will be worth more to your club then if it doesn't work out, you can always sell him for more because your chairman values him higher so you will get a higher cash sum.
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    Re: Riferimento: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)
    I'd keep him and wait how he will do at Schalke.
    Come on' date=' guys. Is it [b']that[/b] hard to check the first post?
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