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  1. Re: Big teams (100 or more players) Dont really agree with putting a cap on the squad limit, if you can afford the wages does it really affect anyone else? The worst part of this modern SM is the concerns! I have players on 5 year contracts walking out of the club! THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE! Fair enough if they play worse because theyre unhappy, BUT ITS NO EXCUSE FOR THEM TO LEAVE WITHOUT THE MANAGERS PERMISSION!!! Sorry to go abit off topic
  2. Re: PE DEALS-WHEN it will be REMOVED If P/E goes I can guarantee no-one will ever sell a good player in fear of not being able to replace them! If these deals are removed from the game it will be the worst thing SM will ever do. Building up a squad from Div4 and slowly swapping players and paying money for a better player becomes so addictive. Anyone saying it doesn't exist in real life obviously don't follow football as it does happen! If managers will only sell for P/e their not going to sell for cash only if the feature is removed! Don't be stupid, you want P/E out, You might as well call
  3. tjg

    Soccer Wiki!

    So this new Soccer wiki has been introduced and I don't know if anyone else has noticed the traits associated with each player. What I'm wondering is will SM actually take these attributes into consideration when playing matches? Or is it just another pointless feature added for no apparent reason? As it would be very good if they added that as feature to the actual game such as show these attributes in the selection of the player what does everyone think?
  4. As I've said before I dont watch any Italian League matches, so if anyone does follow and watch games played in this league, could you comment your opinions on these players and state what you think their ratings will be in 1 years time. Souza Robinho Stevan Jovetic Ibrahimovic De Rossi Pato Cheers.
  5. I don't follow Italian football so I don't watch Robinho play, I know he's unlikely to go up so all I'm wondering is will he go down or keep his current rating?
  6. Re: David Luiz Way over-rated! His technical defensive ability is really poor, u want him up to 92? thats almost Kompany standard! He's nowhere near that good!
  7. Re: SM Credits These are pointless changes Please change the game engine and possibly add the 2D pitch view, Please focus on this instead of anything else!! Im begging you stop adding random features and improve on what needs to be fixed! PLEASE!!
  8. Re: Ramos or Kompany? Kompany without a doubt for me, Best CB and captain in the Prem league and has the potential to rise to 96 just as Vidic, But for short term Ramos as hes already higher but he will peak at 95, Unlike Kompany.
  9. Re: Samir Nasri, decent deal? What game world are u in? In all the game worlds I'm in that's an unbelievable deal, definitely sign him!
  10. Re: SM Credits Interesting we all seem to start with the same amount of credits, I thought those with higher rep should start with more..
  11. Re: Mata or Valencia? Mata without any doubt
  12. tjg

    i cant score!

    Re: i cant score! Don't think too much into these stats, I've played the game for years now and come to realise that I can average 20 shots per game and not score more than 3. These are just randomised stats sent back, they don't actually represent how the game was won or lost.
  13. Re: podolski or rossi Normally I would easily choose Rossi as he is a great goal scorer and a massive player at Villareal, however due to his recent knee injuries which he still hasn't recovered from over the past season, I think Podolski is the better player at this moment, however it is hard to judge when Rossi has been injured for so long.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well the only good thing that came from this game is that I have RVP in my dream team
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