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  1. Hi sent a friend request in-game to offer you your team in:


  2. Cheers for the link Ed. I'd definitely be interested in this, put my name down on the interested list.
  3. Alright, hope your well?

    A few of the “old faces” from back in the good old times are setting up a GW tht will revolve around the forum – basically we wanna get some forum based activity going to support it. It’s gonna be based on the america’s but blank squad, free for all type stuff. At the minute we have some great folks involved , heres the managers so far: -

    Machine, Swanseajack, Drseanfitz, HannahB, Pip, Elohim, Garry C, Son of Pluto, Longnose, Noisy

    I don’t want to sound like a kids tv presenter but its gonna be laugh and – with the folks we are attracting - competitive.

    Be great if you could join us? If your interested head over to : -


    and just add your name. We’ll probably cap at 16 managers so I hope I see you in there!



  4. Get in before the first external offers gets accepted!
  5. Already promoted to div.1 with 8 games to go.. lol
  6. I've made several new deals at Gillingham since my last post. Yacine Brahimi and Yannick Ferreira Carrasco came in from Sunderland, André Wisdom from Manchester City and finally Lucas Alario from River Plate. We're still open to offers on pretty much all players, as I'm hoping to get done as many deals as possible this season. I want the team ready for a title challenge in div.3 next season and won't be looking to make many deals then. Butland Manquillo Wisdom Andreolli Zukanovic Zuculini Saponara Carrasco Cabella Brahimi Destro Reserves: Butland Kaderabek - Mechele Dijks Akpa Akpro Bueno T.Carroll G.Martinez L.Augustinsson Beauvue Calleri Things are shaping up nicely. Out of these 21, the only players that hasn't been signed by myself is Mechele, Akpa, Carroll, Martinez and Calleri. The rest has been brought in since June earlier this year.
  7. Just posting to withdraw my interest. I think it's simply progressing too slowly, and with the current state of the forum (and seeing how all other forum run gw's are dying). I'm simply gonna pass on this. I wish you guys the best of luck with this though.
  8. Beat Watford 3-1 so we finally managed to secure a promotion spot! Bring on Div.1 !!
  9. With Tottenham out of reach at 1st place (Congratz), it is now between my Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester United of who will take the last direct-promotion spot. A draw would probably have been enough as we were 2 pts ahead before the match with just 3 games to go. So this win was really big as the gap now increased to 5 points with 2 games to go. Hopefully we'll beat Watford next round to secure div.1 for next season.
  10. Gillingham vs Colchester United 2-1 Changed things up for tonights game. Removed all who had performed poorly this season, and replaced them with the in-form ones (regardless of rating) and changed the tactics so a slightly more defensive one. Not sure if that's what gave us the win, but as long as we get 3 points it doesn't really matter. Also great to see Destro scoring his first goal for us, and even better when it was the deciding 2-1 goal in 81st minute after a nice combination with another new signing in Beauvue. With this win, we move up to 8th place only 1 point behind a playoff spot.
  11. Apologies in advance for going a little off topic. Just thought I'd check with you guys if you've got any tips of things to do or see in Liverpool. Planned a trip there this weekend and going with my father who is a Liverpool fan, so anything Liverpool related or for that matter just in general.. Would be greatly appreciated anyway.
  12. PSG have alot more then when this season started due to alot of sales. Don't think I can spend it, but don't really care. I won last season So no matter who I buy or do tactically I'll win again. That's SM for ya. lol
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