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    I'm David Penniall aka Diddy_P, I'm 17 years old from Walsall in the West Midlands, England.
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    Football, Table Tennis and MSN
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    College Student
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    Walsall Football Club
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    English Championship 113 (Manchester City), Tottenham Hotspur (English Championship 173) and more...
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    Mark Wright, Scott Dann and Anthony Gerrard
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  1. Re: 21-Year-Old Championship Prospects (Coventry) Both now in Prem!
  2. Join this facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wheres-Strutter/163979023621?ref=search&sid=1077885565.852543468..1), I need to get 5000 before Friday please, thanks
  3. Re: 10 Football League Youngsters To Watch In 2009 Considering you are (or was) someone who moans about duplicate threads then you have just done just that as all of the above I think have been mentioned long before this, two of which were by myself (Dann and Baldock).
  4. At college we do not have rights to install programs onto the system, is there anyway I can install them onto my memory stick? If not does anyone know any games I can download/buy which will work without the need to install.
  5. Diddy_P

    Phone help?

    How can I retrieve messages I've saved/protected on my phone (samsung u600)? Anyone know? *I tried google and can't find nothing
  6. Re: Good Designer Needed. A few pictures of me and famnily merged together to make the background for my banner, colour scheme dark and no font will be needed as it will be overlaid on top of banner. I'm happy to answer any questions
  7. I need a website graphic for my personal website, theres no money in it but if someone does this for me then I will make them a website for them to upload to a host, this may be a family website with pictures of your family, friends etc. or a site for showing you work off. However it cannot be used for buisness puposes. I can do both html and flash, add pennialld@live.co.uk to MSN if you are interest or email that same address.
  8. A manager of the season award would be good, a reward which is voted by the managers within a set-up and their would be one reward per set-up. In my custom set-up a manager has come in and done fantasticly well and proved himself a great a manager, rebuilding his whole squad to push for the title and is a real example of how a team should be managed and if he doesn't win the league he'll get no praise at all.
  9. Re: Oasis - Love/Hate Them & Top 10 Songs
  10. Re: Oasis - Love/Hate Them & Top 10 Songs
  11. Re: Oasis - Love/Hate Them & Top 10 Songs Girls Aloud are successful and talented, they have picked there target audience and have gone out and killed it, they are now better than the Spice Girls and all them ever become and they look like becoming better and better over time and you have to give them credit for it whether its your type of music or not.
  12. Re: Oasis - Love/Hate Them & Top 10 Songs
  13. Re: Oasis - Love/Hate Them & Top 10 Songs Yeah they are better and deserve a lot of respect as they have proved themselves.
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