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  1. I blanked this game six months ago after being a gold member for a good five years. I have since come back to see if you have sorted the problems out that the updates caused. The updates have made a good game into something thats just too much bother to do. The finances are stupid. The players moods are stupid. The whole game is now boring and too difficult to be bothered about. You work to get a good team but now we have to sell players because our teams cannot afford their wages even though our chosen team has won the league, the cup, the shield, and every other competition. Are you trying
  2. Re: Desperate for help Too little too late, Sm can do one, now! I wasted a number of years building a team and had to blank that because Sm admin didn't have the backbone to sort out the cheats.
  3. Re: Desperate for help I gave this game up two months ago because its just not worth it anymore. Cheating is rife and if you say anything to the cheaters they look your family up on facebook and abuse them. I was a gold member for a number of years and the cheater was a freebie and still sm blanked it. I feel like i was ripped of by sm after spending so much money over the years. I will never pay or play again!
  4. Re: This has just happened @tebthereb First he was manager of spurs and he also had an alias that managed brum. He was offered the man u job and moved his alias to spurs. Anyway i noticed that he wrote in the same way as his alias and abused people the same way as well. After a few dodgy deals i reported him and his alias as possible duplicate accounts, and sm kept him on at man u and banned his alias. Anyway he has done this so many times and i have reported him so many times and all sm do is sack his alias and keep him on at manu. This season he has joined four different clubs to strengt
  5. Re: This has just happened Hi again, im not saying im an angel because sometimes i bite with this idiot [EDITED]. But he is now racially abusing me, he has threatened my family members in the past. He writes dodgy things to under age girl in our gameworld. He has looked up my female family members on facebook and abused them, even the young ones. He has been caught cheating in our game world over 9times and still sm will not ban him. He has never been a gold member and this season he is winning the league and with this all the abuse comes out. I have been a gold member for years and you would
  6. Re: This has just happened Sm do nothing. This bloke [EDITED] in my world has cheated around 9 differant occasions and all sm has done is sack him from the smallest club. He has stayed with man u even though he had duplicate accounts with spurs, then brum, then bolton, then sunderland. I am a gold member and have been for a number of years, and im will not renew now as i feel sm have stabbed me in the back. So dont count on sm doing anything.
  7. Re: Desperate for help Add dean randall to that list, he has been caught twice in the same world but sm will not ban him:mad:
  8. Re: Cheats and unsocial behaviour, The trouble is he abuses people then deletes the message within half an hour....
  9. Re: Cheats and unsocial behaviour, Hi, my game id is 5190, english championship 598, his name is dean randall manager of manchester united.
  10. Re: Cheats and unsocial behaviour, This is getting beyond a joke. Since i reported this bully soccer manager has done nothing. He is now threatening my family members! When is soccer manager going to do something about these bullies?
  11. Re: Cheats and unsocial behaviour, Im sick of it mate. He abuses all the managers that stick up for themselves, including sexists comments to women and abusive to kids. He only stays in my game world to wind everyone up. He has man u and still feels the need to cheat. I would leave but i don't want him to win. But loads of people have left because of him. You would think SM would do something but they won't. He has never been a gold member, so SM will not lose out. I have been a gold member for three years and i also purchased gold membership for my three sons, but i am not buying another
  12. There is a unsociable person in my game world that has been caught cheating twice with double accounts and god knows how many aliases, but Soccer Manager will do nothing about it. Why would SM not punish this bully??? I pay for gold membership yearly and expect to get a fair game world with people that respect other people. I love SM, but i hate the way the moderators allow bully's to thrive. He got the sack from bolton but was allowed to stay man united manager and a few months back he was sacked from spurs and allowed to stay man united manager. What do you have to do to get banned??? Com
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