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  1. Re: Player sold without managers permission ahh iv made a bug ticket. i feel better now. hopefully it gets reversed. or else..... il leave. thatl teach them.
  2. Re: Player sold without managers permission But I cant report the transfer as being illegal. It wont let me. And I cant find the support system.
  3. Re: Player sold without managers permission **** this. this is *****. im leaving.
  4. Hi Sami Khedira was sold from my team without me accepting the offer. I hadn't been on for about a week and he has moved. Im not a happy chappy. How could this happen? Ta
  5. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread. Pazzano said he will stay at 93
  6. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread. Thanks mate
  7. Re: The What will he drop or rise to Thread. Hi sorry iv got quite a few but hopefully they will help others. iv looked at some like glen johnson and know what they might get but i cant find any on the others. thanks NEUER, Manuel 90 ANSALDI, Cristian 89 JOHNSON, Glen 89 TASCI, Serdar 90 DELPIERRE, Mathieu 90 THIAGO SILVA 89 SAKHO, Mamadou 87 RENATO AUGUSTO, Soares 89 VELOSO, Miguel 90 HITZLSPERGER, Thomas 91 MONTOLIVO, Riccardo 91 KHEDIRA, Sami 89 NASRI, Samir 92 ROBBEN, Arjen 93 KALOU, Salomon 92 DEMBELE, Moussa 88 POGREBNYAK, Pavel 91
  8. Craig Thomson - Heart Of Midlothian FC Craig Thomson, 18, has just recently played 4 games for Hearts after there first choice right-back got injured. He has played in 3 spl games and 1 Europa League match against a very good Dinamo Zagreb team, winning 2-0 (beat4-2agg). In these games he has impressed the manager and fans with his excellent delivery of crosses and his feisty challenge. Forums I have read would like to see him keep the position, which for an 18 year old is very encouraging. A lot of people are very excited about his potential. Craig is definitely a player to look out for. He won the Scottish Clydesdale Bank Rising Star Award last season and U19 player of the year. Hope he is added to the DB soon Thanks
  9. i have found a team that i want to go, it says that the team is available but there isn't any button "take control of club"? It has been like this for hours, is it because of my rep?? please reply asap
  10. david1874


    when i log into my account it opens with a soccermanager demo. i tried to log out and log in again and it continued to come up with the demo. why is this happening??
  11. how do you delete accounts? ive emailed support and theres no reply?!
  12. Re: transfers thanks everyone!
  13. ive signed a player, the other team has accepted the bid and i have it confirmed in club messages. it says the transfer will be completed shortly, how long will it take!?
  14. david1874


    Re: help cheers mate, all the best;)
  15. david1874


    when you view the league tables, there is an arrow beside the league position. What do these arrows mean?
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