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  1. If both will go right into your starting line-up, I'll take the duo.
  2. Laporte (91) + Foden (82) for Van Dijk (93) Thoughts?
  3. Need some opinions, Chiesa(90) who is on concerns and I barely use or David Neres(88) and Klostermann(87)
  4. Hey everyone, just created a Swiss Championship, small gameworld with only 10 teams. Looking for 9 committed managers, so if you’re interested, feel free to apply! Gameworld ID: 392270
  5. Pip


    If anyone knows of someone that wants to join, we got 5 teams in need of a manager!
  6. Torreira(89) + Riqui Puig(70) for Malcom(89) Opinions?
  7. Klostermann + Joe Gomez for Unai Nunez? Which side do you prefer?
  8. Need opinions on this deal: Rodri(89) or Pulisic(89)
  9. Pip


    Down we go to Division 2!
  10. Pip


    Girona FC are available to be managed!
  11. Pip


    Quality post! The fact that you did research and found out where they come from is amazing. Should be an interesting season.
  12. Pip


    Currently full, but I can put your name down!
  13. Pip


    Lol you had me thinking if I was really being anti-Spain!
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