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  1. -The Nordic Connection- A day later then was promised, here is now the introduction of the Harrisburg City Islanders strikeforce! John Guidetti (86) Joshua King (85) Joel Pohjanpalo (82) Kasper Dolberg (77) Now then, many of you might not see anything out of the ordinary with 4 seemingly random strikers, but what makes this interesting.. Aswell as the reason behind me going out and buying them is that they're each from a different nordic counry. Guidetti is Swedish, King is Norwegian, Pohjanpalo is Finnish and Dolberg is Danish. Out of these for, King is most likely the most well known to the English audience considering he's spent alot of his career in England, first with Manchester United, then in Preston, Hull, Blackburn and finally Bournemouth where's he's made quite the contribution to the team and helped them up in the Premier League last season. King has also started this season strong and is looking quite promising. We here at Harrisburg are hoping for a rating increase of +2 which we feel he could definetely achieve if he scores 5+ goals this season. Then we've got another player that has indeed spent some time in England but is now making an impact in a different European league altogether. The former Brommapojkarna and Manchester City youth player had a fantastic season on loan at Feyenoord where he bagged 20 goals in the 11/12 season. Feyenoord were deseprate to have him back for the following season but terms could not be met and thus Guidetti joined mid-table Stoke City for a season-long loan, while at Stoke he wasn't played at all more or less and after a horrible year for the young Swedish striker, he was once again loaned out from Manchester City as scottish giants Celtic decided to take him on loan. While there, he started out very well but stagnated some towards the end of the season and in total he bagged 8 goals. After this Guidetti was out of a contract with Manchester City and he had offers from all over Europe but in the end he decided, surprisingly to some, that he would sign with La Liga side Celta Vigo. He was an instant success and appeared in 35 games in the league. At Harrisburg we're hoping for another good La Liga season and a +2 to 88. After this we've got Finnish sensation Joel Pohjanpalo. Pohjanpalo was a revelation back home in Finland and he continued scoring for fun in whatever club he was loaned out to after signing for German side Bayer Leverkusen. With 12 goals in 32 starts for Düsseldorf in the german 2nd division Bayer Leverkusen decided that this season he was ready for his big test in the Bundesliga.. and boy... Did he take it. In his very first game for Leverkusen Pohjanpalo found the back of the net straight away and bagged his first bundesliga goal. Wanting to impress further, Pohjanpalo went and bagged a hattrick in his second game for Leverkusena against Hamburger SV. And thus after 4 games he has 4 goals and one can only hope that he continues to score for fun. We at Harrisburg are hoping for atleast a +3 to 85 but feel that if he ontinues to play like this, a +4 would not be out of order. And finally we've gotten to our Danish youngster Kasper Dolberg. And what a young player he is! In 3 starts for Ajax this season the 18 year old Dane has found the back of the net 4 times, this has also seen him being subbed on 3 times already and has 6 apperances for the Dutch powerhouse this season. At only 18 years of age he's our youngest striker but also the one with the brightest future, and we would not be surprised if he, within a year or two had taken over all the other players in terms of rating. Dolberg won't see much gametime at Harrisburg for the time being but if he continues to develop the way he has so far it won't be long until he starts appearing for us aswell. And so there we have it, the strikeforce of Harrisburg City Islanders. With the arrival of Kyle Walker-Peters later today we're now 100% finished in the transfermarket and with the purchases we've made we feel we should be able to compete about a top 4 position in Division 4. Together with a fairly strong starting XI we've also bought a fair few risers and we count on making a nice and tidy profit to reinvest and make the team as strong as possible.
  2. Also, breaking news ... with the arrival of Marcus Rashford from external.. Manchester City has announced that no club will ever be able to compete with them when it comes to strikers.. Aguero Milik Iheanacho Rashford I almost feel sorry for the rest of you XD
  3. -MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI- Oblak (91) Carvajal (91) - Umtiti (89) - Laporte (90) - Bernat (91) Gündogan (92) - Isco (92) Hazard (95) - KDB (93) - Aubameyang (93) Aguero (95)
  4. WELCOME! This is the Official Thread for EC33341 in which there are currently 3 or 4 Forumers. ENJOY! - Elohim - NickJustice - Preppens
  5. -West Ham Team News- And so, after more than 35 transfers, West Hams new manager and board are quite happy with how the team is now looking. There's been alot of work going into this team and into the deals that've been done.. Out of the original West Ham Squad, only Kouyate and out on loan Reece Oxford remain. Rumours circulating around West Ham are saying that not even Kouyate is part of the new managers long-term plans.. Wether this is true or not remains to be seen. -The Team- Aréola (88) Tolisso (88) - Kimmich (88) - Demichelis (88) - Digne (89) Pirlo (89) - Kouyate (89) Fekir (88) - Xavi (88) - Williams (88) Milik (88) -The 2nd Team- Schwäbe (78) Guilbert (84) - Riedewald (86) - Boly (85) - Sylla (85) Dendoncker (86) - Diawara (85) Werner (86) - Sabitzer (85) - Mina (87) Saza (89) -The West Ham of The Future- This'll be the team that we'll play in a season or two.. Aréola Tolisso - Riedewald - Kimpembe - Digne Kimmich - Lemina Werner - Williams - (?) (BIG SECRET) Milik All in all, I'm very happy with my transfers so far and I've gotten to build this team exactly the way I want it.. I've only lost out on one or two players and it has actually worked out for the better instead. People questioned me when I sold off players like Payet and Feghouli.. but rather than having 2 players that are higher rated and that might or might not produce for me I brought in 10 players with buckets of talent that'll help my team more than the other two could ever do. Just the money I'll make off some of the risers will give me enough cash to buy someone like Payet again.. So for me it's no real big loss.. I'm very happy to have replaced them with Iñaki Williams and Timo Werner. Two players that I feel have to potential to hit 89 this season alone. I've always enjoyed buying alot of talented players, and tbh I did not think I'd be able to do that in this gameworld given how many manager there actually are here and also that this is one of the first gameworlds I'm playing seriously since my break from SM a bit over a year ago. I'm really looking forward to spending a few years with this team.. It'll be well fun!
  6. -Harrisburg Announces Starting XI- And so the time has come, all positions have accepted bids on them, and we can finally announce our starting XI for the upcoming season. Johansson (83) Maicon (87) - Spahic (88) - Morgan (88) - Armand (87) Xavi (88) - Pirlo (89) (C) Hoilett (85) - Nene (87) - Cornet (83) Guidetti (86) Subs: Beria, Yedlin, Luongo, Pohjanpalo, King, Klostermann, Kimpembe All in all, I'm very happy with this team XI. The original thought was to buy Tim Howard as a GK and thus have one American, One Canadian and one Jamaican in the starting XI but alas that didn't happen as we lost out on Tim Howard and completely forgot about the likes of Dempsey and Donovan. Instead we find the swedish 26-year old Karl-Johan Johansson in goal for Harrisburg. An unknown name to many, but he has started all games for the Ligue 1 surprise package Guingamp this season, his strong start to the season has also awarded him with one of 3 spots in the Swedish national team, with some hailing him as the replacement for Isaksson. Sitting on a mere 83 rating, Harrisburg has bought this GK with the hopes of a +3 or a +4 by the end of the season. Which would mean that we'd have a high rated GK aswell as a GK that's young enough to continue playing. Maicon, Spahic and Armand don't really need a further introduction. They're all veterans and have been part of the game for quite some time now. Their experience and ratings could prove invaluable for the upcoming seasons when Harrisburg fight for promotion. I'm especially happy with Maicon on the RB as He was the best and cheapest RB out there. Next to him we have the Jamaican powerhouse that is Wes Morgan. With the value he had and the rating and age combination we felt that in this kind of setup he would be the perfect fit, especially with his Jamaican nationality. I always try and build my teams from the back as I prefer to have a strong defensive and i feel like that's exactly what I've been able to do here. If we continue onwards to the midfield we've got legends Xavi and Pirlo there. I very much doubt we have to make a big introduction of these two as their trophy cabinets should speak for themselves. Everyones favourite midfielder, Andrea Pirlo have been named the captain for Harrisburg and it isn't hard to figure out why. Xavi was also a candidate for captain but he was very happy to become vice captain of Harrisburg and even tho they're both getting on a bit I'm quite sure that they'll prove to be worth every single penny we spent on them. Xavi on corners and Pirlo on Freekicks...? Don't mind if I do! Just behind the striker we've got a decent trio of Canadian Hoilett, brazilian Nene and the Lyon youngster Cornet. Obviously I was very happy to have Hoilett join the team as he would provide the canadian part of the team and that's what the setup is all about for me tbh. Nene was always a favourite of mine whenever he put on the PSG jersey and I still have alot of good memories.. His 87 rating could prove to be a gamechanger in the tougher games. And then we've got the rising star on the left wing.. 19 year old Maxwel Cornet! Shooting up like a rocket in Ligue 1 this powerful winger will rise, rise and then rise some more as he makes an impact in world football.. he's definetely one for the future and I'm very very happy to be able to present him as a Harrisburg player. The strikers will be presented in a separate post TOMORROW.
  7. Sorry about the above.. That empty quote bar have been just sitting there for a few days and it was impossible to remove it rofl ____________________ West Ham has agreed to sell Dmitri Payet and Sofiane Feghouli to external for a combined fee of 29.9 million. Yes, I'm selling the only 90+ rated players I've got ... No I'm not bothered by it.. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO DOWN, GO, HERE!
  8. So far I've got : ? Maicon (87) - Spahic (88) - Morgan (88) - Armand (87) Xavi (88) - Pirlo (89) Hoilett (85) - Nene (87) - Cornet (83) Dolberg (77) Quite happy with that, It'll change depending on who amongst the contested players that I get my hands on. I've got a Canadian in Hoilett tho, Jamaican in Wes Morgan and an american in DeAndre Yedlin.. Yaaaay,
  9. Got to the party late with the bidding and thus only a few of the contested players have been accepted. Only have 3 confirmed signings but I'm happy with all 3. Cornet, Theo Hernandez & Maicon.
  10. Considering whose involved in this setup,everyone should already be aware of this rofl
  11. Good man! Haha pfft... I reiterate.. PFFT! Good to have you! I've not given it a huge amount of thought just yet as I wanted to see what kind of interest there'd be in a setup like this first and foremost. Judging by the first 24 hours.. I'm a bit dissapointed, I haven't spammed my facebook friends with this tread yet tho.. As for the big teams (PSG, Barcelona, Atletico and Real) I've actually been considering not having them in the gameworld to make sure that no manager gets too big an advantage. And there'd also be alot more talents at external. I've been considering 40 million for the economy, which should give everyone a nice boost. There'd be a draw for teams to be as fair as possible. I've not yet decided on what teams will be in the gameworld or in what divisions. I'll return on that front
  12. Greetings minions of the SM forums... it is I, Elohim, your king and master that has returned to you in your time of need. Onto the matter at hand. I've got a custom sitting around and I'm thinking about creating a custom based on the Iberian region.. (Tho I'll include a fair chunk of Ligue 1 and a few times for Ligue 2 even if they're not actually located in the Iberian region. So Portugese teams, Spanish teams and French teams.. Basically, why I'm writing this post right now is to see if there's any interest in such a setup.. If it is I'll go ahead and make it mid-november/early december as there's been quite a few gameworlds that's started lately and I don't want too many gw's starting at the same time. So, let me know if you'd be interested in something like this. //Fluffy Interested: Elohim Noisy KopStar NickJustice Pip adisbegic10
  13. I'm surprised you've signed anyone at all Noisy.. Playing for you is bad enough... but you AND Villa?! Jesus..
  14. Aaaaand did the gw die already?! lol
  15. Haha it doesen't really matter to me, I was just bored and having a jibe at you I agree, and as the big king of these forums, i now declare this thread, OFFICIAL! lol
  16. You already have a thread, in the english champ section, for EC33333 tho lol.. With numerous posters already subbed to it
  17. Was there really a need for two separate threads ? lol
  18. Well someone has to step up when the rest of you lazy sods are slacking off lol ---- Marcelo Vidal Robben Moutinho Anderson ALL ARE STILL FOR SALE!
  19. Did you really expect to win after splashing 20 million on Sturridge?! lol
  20. I don't even know if I'll have enough players rated over 80 to even make up the bench lol
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