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  1. My mistake' date=' i meant loan them 3, keep Rooney

    DDG gone on US Tour so he staying, hope we can convince him to stay like Dortmund done to Gundogan etc[/quote']

    So because he's gone on the tour he's staying? Lol. You have such a biased mentality its unreal. The slightest incling of a transfer going in your favour and you're the first to spout up, but when the shoe is on the other foot, you don't mention a thing.

    No opinion on Ramos been Reals new captain then?

  2. Clyne and Angel Correa signs for Sheffield Wednesday. I've been wanting to sign Clyne for a really long time now and now it finally happened.

    Current Best eleven:






    It might take a while' date=' but I won't quit until I reach the top.[/quote']

    Some great signings there. I am willing to help you out if need be i will sell anyone 89 and below for CV.

  3. Re: Official Manchester United Thread

    ;3097094']Cutting a deal or buying Bale with the Madrid cash for De Gea would be the worst idea right now...

    Unless Van Gaal has a secret formation with x3 left sided attackers/wingers in it to accommodate Young' date=' Depay & Bale......

    Is it the end for Januazj?

    You should go for Modric or Benzema & be busting a gut to sign Cech....[/quote']

    When was the last time Bale played on the left? Hes been primarily used on the right at Madrid and through the centre in his last year at Tottenham.

    If you believe De Gea will sign a new contract (not naming any names but its blatently obvious who) then you have seriously tainted glasses on. Hes off to Madrid without a shadow of a doubt.

  4. Re: The Official UFC Thread

    Anderson Silva is still the best ever. Nobody compares to his genius.

    No chance mate. Jones is a completely different animal to Silva. He has totally cocked his career up in the past year though.

  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    Lol' date=' more Suarez money to burn over? Thought it was spent on that markovicic muppet? Kono to good to join you lot. More players like Emre Can etc are more suited to Liverpool. Let's see what happens. [/color']

    Is Markovicic like, a hybrid or Markovic and Kovacic?

  6. Re: Official Manchester United Thread

    No he was not. One season with 20+ goals does not make you a 80M player.

    At the time he was 40M tops - Levy screwed the excrement out of RM' date=' that's all.[/quote']

    Bale: 13 goals 8 assists 28 games; booed and jeered constantly by his fans and is a flop.

    Hazard: 14 goals 8 assists 35 games; PL player of the season and worth "200m" according to Mourinho.

    A sign of how far the PL has declined or fickle fans?

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