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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Arsenal need to sign a few high profile players and get rid of the deadwood to be in with a shout for the title next season. I reckon they should cash in on Fabregas, maybe use Mascherano as a makeweight. sell Bendtner, Denilson, Squillaci, Vela and Eboue. Wenger should be lookinn to sign players with great potential but already at a high enough level to play in the Arsenal first team instead of for the future. Sahin would have been a good player to buy, Hazard a good choice, Hulk, Lovren would be a good investment, Vertonghen, or if Wenger really wants to splash the cash, Chiellini, Subotic/Hummels, Diego, Modric, VdV and maybe Bastos to replace Arshavin if he leaves. I could continue this list til it won't let me write no more, Wenger just needs to splash the cash IMO!
  2. Re: Otamendi, Maicon (Porto) or Gary Cahill? Either Maicon or Cahill, these are the two most likely to rise in the future. Take a look at your chairman valuation and see which one will be worth more to your club then if it doesn't work out, you can always sell him for more because your chairman values him higher so you will get a higher cash sum.
  3. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread Yeah well i'll hopefully have a team sorted by the weekend so i'll organise a friendly with you if you like? And what teams are free and how many managers are there in the setup? Might think about quitting my Wolves team if theres any good ones
  4. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread Yeah! It's all about your tactics mainly, and which tactics you use against the team your playing! Well my team's in 8th now with the team i started with so adding a few higher rated players to my team should boost me into the play-offs.
  5. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread Yeahh i know!! haha both good players and Wilshere should surely get the 90 rating he deserves when SM decide to do Arsenals rating changes! Well with the players i have in mind, i could offer you them as part-ex because most of the players i'm buying should rise in the next 1-2 rating changes depending if they keep their form up and don't get injured, fingers crossed! My teams worth 91 million and i have 72 in bank so my team should be near the 170-190 million mark when i'm finished. There's a lot of talent at unmanaged clubs
  6. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread Well good luck against Liverpool tonight anyways!! And i would be interested in Wilshere and Hazard but not yet i don't think... just want to establish a squad first before i start buying off managed clubs so i'll let you know. I also see you've bidded on spearing as well Hopefully i finish in play-offs this season then i might have a chance of getting promoted depends how good i can make my team with the money and players i already have! Already got a good idea of my first team but i wont be letting out any secrets just yet should be finished by the weekend so i'll post a thread on here when it's done
  7. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread Thanks mate! And no worries i'll just have to make do with players i've got. Got 72 million in bank so i've got a lot to play with, looking to bring in some young talent that will rise in the future. My preferred formation will be 4-2-3-1 and i've accepted your friendly request and should have some players i've bidded for completed their moves by then so i'll put my best team out and hope i win!! haha even if your teams 10 times better than mine... for now
  8. Re: Messi 3 for 1 deal Personally, i wouldn't even buy Messi. More likely to win the division with an all round team not just one good player so i think it's a good idea to sell him. Now REALISTICALLY, the players i would be interested in would be Di Maria, Nani, Pique and Busquets. Pique will be as good as it gets at CB for years to come, Busquets is young and an established player in two of the best teams in the world, Spain and Barcelona, and Di Maria and Nani are both good wingers who can only get better with age, but it all depends on where your team is short. Now it also depends on the formation you play because if you don't play wingers, then there's no point. My preferred formation is 4-2-3-1 so i would. I don't think he will do all four players for him but if you could get him to swap Busquets + Di Maria + cash and use the cash to buy Nani, i think that would benefit both clubs, but if you could squeeze some sort of deal for Pique out of it say, two of your players for Pique i think that would work well too.
  9. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread Hiiiiiiiiiiiii-De-Hoooooooooo! Just taken over Forest who lie in a lowly 8th position in Division 2 with 23 games to go! Already bidded on a couple of players who i think will improve my squad and have got another couple in mind! if there's any kind managers out there willing to loan me a few players i will be greatful thanks!
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