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  1. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Youve made a killing then... Dont sell too late though
  2. Re: FIFA 15 Official Thread Got bored of ultimate team so started a career mode with Leeds on world class. Currently sit 8th after 35 games played went out of the League cup to Bradford in the second round and QPR in the round of 32 in the FA cup. Currently playing a 4-3-3 (two cms and a cam) GK Silvestri 72 (+3) RB Byram 70 (+1) CB Belluschi 69 (+1) CB Cooper 67 (+1) LB Ake 69 (+2) CM Chalboah 70 (+4) CM Mowatt 69 (+2) CAM Adryan 71 (+3) RW Adama 66 LW Ibe 69 (+1) ST Antenucci 71 (+1) Sold a few players at the start, nothing big but raised an extra £1m. Bought Ake, Bigirimana, Adama and Adama the first window and Bellerin and Ibe in Jauary. Bigirimana has gone out on loan though.
  3. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Rumors from various aources state youve had a £27m bid for Otamendi turned down. Woweeee.
  4. Re: UFC Official Thread If he was going to use a drug to cheat, he wouldnt use cocaine. Cocaine is a recreational drug and it doesnt enhance anything.
  5. Re: The Official UFC Thread Mcgregor will beat Aldo. Besides, its rumored hes already in training and Mcgregor is his only real opponent so expect it to be announced sooner rather than later. Mcgregor has asked White for it to be in Ireland (fingers crossed coz im off to watch it if it is) but no doubt it will be in Vegas.
  6. Re: FOTY '14 Knockout round | Matt72 vs. Ray1981 Typical Liverpool keeps up all season then slips at the final hurdle
  7. Re: The Official UFC Thread Just watched the Mcgregor fight from the weekend... What a guy he is!
  8. Re: French Championship 7556 Whoever outbid me of Coquelin you are a.... He was going to be my best player. looks like ill have to have Zaha as my star man now lol. My team is bad.
  9. Re: FOTY '14 Knockout round | Matt72 vs. Ray1981 Didnt you bully a 16 year old up until a point where he had to leave the gameworld? (ReiceM96 and Dais Genesis if anyone is wondering)
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Because that was the reason. Not only did City play poorly, they started with two players coming back from injury who werent fit. Credit where it is due, Cazorla and Coquelin played well and your defence was reasonably solid but other than that it was a case of how bad City was.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Agree on the Koscielny touch, if he didnt touch that there were two players waiting behind for a tap in. Took it away from both of them. Definitely dont agree on the brilliant performance though, as i said on the PL thread, it was a case of how bad City played as opposed to how good Arsenal played.
  12. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Coquelin and Cazorla have been good but its more of a case of how bad City have been. Referee has had a good game too. City have been absolutely shocking today.
  13. Re: French Championship 7556 I know youre secretly jumping for joy
  14. Re: Official Liverpool Thread From what ive seen of Shaqiri he definitely demands a bigger fee than what he went for. Especially after what certain players have gone for. He could definitely do a job at Liverpool and is a better player than Markovic.
  15. Re: The Random Thread Spoiler alert... Infraction
  16. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Its pretty obvious that Rodgers didnt want Lambert. Even with no fit strikers he still started on the bench. If you can get over 10m for Balo that represents a good deal but Shaqiri going to Inter is a huge kick in the teeth, especially after admitting Liverpool made an offer in the summer but Bayern wouldnt let him go. Anything on Lavezzi??
  17. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Quote from Pogba a day after his agent revealed he will leave Juve...
  18. Re: Official Liverpool Thread I mentioned this a few pages back and everyone laughed. Hes a decent player to be fair.
  19. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions This is the Scot who supports England in major tournaments. He even voted no in the recent election.
  20. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Hate to admit it but me too... The one and only time i will agree with him i made a promise to myself no more after this time
  21. Re: FOTY '14 Group C Can i donate my four votes out... 2 to Danc and two to CAM?
  22. Re: UFC Official Thread Mainly a Jones fan () but i do watch quite a bit of UFC... i have my favourites and they are who i try watch regularly. My cousin also fights MMA too his next one is 1st May.
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