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  1. Recently i quit managing my first club after almost 2 years and wanted to start a fresh new challenge with weaker club and took AS Bari. So far i think im doing good with transfers, but still i would like to hear any thoughts and advises with the squad i've built. I took the squad in december (think it was like 10 games before the end of season 1) and i managed to get promoted to div1 after finishing 2nd in div2. So any advises to strengten my squad for div1? Squad: COURTOIS, Thibaut GK 20 90 PENA, Alex GK 23 78 ALABA, David D,DM(L),M(LC) 20 90 FABIO, Da Silva D(RL) 22 86 CEPPITELLI, Luca D(RLC) 23 82 CAHILL, Gary D© 27 89 NASTASIĆ, Matija D© 19 84 ALTOBELLO, Errico D© 22 78 SISSOKO, Mohamed DM,M© 28 89 RISTOVSKI, Stefan DM,M© 20 78 TARANTINO, Pierangelo DM,M© 22 77 APRILE, Gustavo M(L),AM(RL) 24 75 THIAGO, Alcántara M,AM© 21 89 FILKOR, Attila M© 24 82 POWELL, Nick M,AM© 18 70 CALLEJÓN, José AM(RL),F(RLC) 25 89 OSCAR, Emboaba AM(RLC) 21 87 OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex AM(RLC) 19 86 IUNCO, Antimo AM(RL),F(RLC) 28 83 ISCO, Alarcón AM(RLC) 20 90 BŁASZCZYKOWSKI, Jakub M®,AM(RC) 27 91 GIROUD, Olivier F© 26 90 ALBADORO, Diego F© 23 79 GRANDOLFO, Francesco F© 20 77 I sent a transfer bid for Asamoah Kwadwo and soon he will join the squad (good transfer or not?). Formation 3-5-2 (Courtois GK, Fabio RB, Cahill CD, Alaba LB, Sissoko DM, Thiago CM, Kwadwo CM, Blaszczykowski RM, Isco LM, Callejon CF, Giroud CF). Any advises and thoughts?
  2. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? Maybe it is debatable but for a long run i think it is good since Pepe although is safe 93 i don't think that he will raise as for Thiago Silva he is the best defender in Serie A, and the main reason i did that deal is that i will have Alaba in couple of hours as a decent sub to Marcelo so i can say that i have that position covered also i am getting rid of Coentrao's wage.
  3. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? Took over RMD in new World Championship setup, had put Ricardo Carvalho on transfer list and got offered David Alaba for a swap deal, instant accept Also Milan manager offered me Thiago Silva for Coentrao and Pepe, offered that to him now waiting him to accept
  4. Since i'm managing Arsenal and i made it really strong i decided to take some team at the beggining of 1st season in that game world and with default squad, also not too strong team, so i picked Malaga in Spanish Championship. My first plan was to get as many youth potentials and risers as possible and i basically made my squad full of youngsters and future great players (i think ). I would like opinions and advises as well and would you do the same as me or rush for the already made star players? Here is the squad: KAMENI, Carlos Gk 28 88 RUBEN, Iván Gk 27 83 ROBINSON, Jack LB/LM 18 77 MONREAL, Nacho LB 26 89 RICHARDS, Micah RB/CB 23 90 FLANAGAN, John RB 19 80 NASTASIC, Matija CB 19 84 JONES, Phil Def/DM 20 89 TOULALAN, Jérémy DM/CB 28 91 SILVA, Sandro DM 27 84 SIELVA, Óscar CM/DM 20 77 WILSHERE, Jack CM 20 89 KROOS, Toni AM/CM 22 90 DRAXLER, Julian AM/Wing 18 86 ISCO, Alarcón AM/Wing 19 85 HAZARD, Eden Wing/AM 21 92 RODRIGUEZ, James Wing/AM 20 89 EL SHAARAWY, Stephan Wing/Fwd 19 86 JUANMI, López Fwd/AM 18 82 NEYMAR, Silva Fwd/Wing 20 90 STURRIDGE, Daniel Fwd/Wing 22 89 MARKOVIC, Lazar Fwd/Wing 18 75 I have 6.6m left in my budget so no more new players until the middle of a season, and i would like also opinion about a new signings, that is, when i boost my budget a lil which players should be my targets to get? Thanks in advance
  5. Re: is a cf better target man than a fwd For me FWDs and CFs are performing usually same when i put them as a target man. Ex: In my first Arsenal squad (i have only Llorente as a CF and Lukaku but he is heavily injured, FWDs are Higuain, Benzema and Neymar) i usually have Benzema as a target man and after 36 games he scored 21 goals (best scorer in the league), in my other Arsenal squad i have as FWDs Aguero, Rossi and Neymar, only Chamakh CF and he is a beast even thou his rating is 89 now he scored 7 goals atm for 16 games and trust me i use him as a sub. So i think there is no some kinda rule for CFs and FWDs as a target man for me cuz they are performing the same hope this helps.
  6. Ok im looking to strengthen a lil bit my squad (Arsenal), i think its kinda complete for formation i use (3-5-2) but still good advise is always welcome First team squad: Julio Cesar GK Maicon RB Van Der Wiel RB Chiellini CB/LB Vermaelen CB/LB Pique CB Koscielny CB Busquets DM/CB De Jong DM/CB Ranieri Sandro DM/CM Khedira CM/DM Nuri Sahin CM Wilshere CM Fabregas AM/CM Kroos AM/CM Ozil AM/Wing Juan Mata Wing/AM Robben Wing/Fwd Hazard Wing Aguero Fwd Rossi Fwd Neymar Fwd Chamakh CF Andy Carroll CF youth: Rafael Cabral GK Schennikov LB Varane CB Lansbury CM Alex Fernandez CM Eriksen Wing/AM on loan: Djorou CB my full formation: ----------------------Cesar----------------------- Maicon--------------Pique--------------Chiellini -------------------- Busquets----------------- Robben--------Nuri Sahin------Fabregas-----------Ozil --------------- Aguero----------Rossi----------------
  7. Re: Need an advice about my squad. Help
  8. Okay i'm playing at English championship with Arsenal and i am kinda confused which formations should i play with this players, who i should sell and who should i buy to improve my squad? Here is my complete squad + youths: Squad: Iker Casillas....gk Anders Lindegaard...gk Viera Marcelo....lb Criscito...lb Sergio Ramos...rb Eboue....rb Vidic....cb Chiellini...cb Subotic....cb Aaron Hughes....cb Busquets...dm Lass Diarra...dm Tymoschuk...dm Song...dm Schweinsteiger...cm De Rossi...dm Afellay...am Cristiano Ronaldo...wing Rodriguez Pedro...wing Samuel Eto'o...fwd Higuain...fwd Benzema...fwd Youth: Jack Robinson Danny Wilson Coutinho Ryo Myachi Marsh-Brown Keanu Neymar Lukaku
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