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  1. Re: Best Formation and tatics Having some trouble understanding the tactic, especially attacking down the flanks part. You virtually have no wingers and both you left and right midfielders, which are supposed to be the driving force behind the attack, are making defensive runs.
  2. Re: Toure and Pepe for Busquets Cheers all for input. Was looking for confirmation for doing the right thing by not taking the deal.
  3. Trying to put together a Barcelona team, and have been making offers for Busquets for a while now. Everytime his manager responds with the same counter offer, so, should i consider it? My Ferreira PEPE + Yayá TOURÉ for his Sergio BUSQUETS. While i know Busquets is younger at 24, both Pepe and Toure arent that old at 29. And while im not sure if Pepe will rise, i doubt he will drop. Not so sure about Toure, think he has a 94 rise in the near future? Any advice would be appreciated. As far as playing positions go, Busquets would fill the gaps, so its not an issue there.
  4. Hello guys, Although im running a formation that often uses 2 RBs (5-4-1, replacing 3xcb with rb-cb-lb in back line to rotate), i need to make up my mind and sell 2. My main is Alves, he stays. Others i have; ABATE, Ignazio RB/RM 25 90 LICHTSTEINER, Stephan RB/RM 28 90 AZPILICUETA, César RB/RM 23 89 Also have the option to purchase Debuchy at the moment for a low price. p.s. i maybe have the option to pick up Walker, he is on external team atm and becomes available in 1 month So out of these 4 (Abate, Lichtsteiner, Debuchy, Azpilicueta), which 2 would you keep? Cheers
  5. Re: Getting concerns with 100% games played Akinfeev has gotten a few chances this season, but granted, not enough, so concerns will definitly come. On the other hand, any goalkeeper above 88 expects 90% of games, so i guess im looking for a gk with less than 88 rating. /sigh Currently my squad does seem a bit bloated, but i do have some sales and swaps in mind and ill see where concerns take me later on. On a brigher side, i have been managing game time a bit better this season, so toure and alves are the only ones that have any concerns. That being said, i guess i still have some debts to
  6. Re: Getting concerns with 100% games played Dont really have that many "star" players. I do remember reading that your best players need to play 85%, but i only thought that meant your highest rated, not every player above 90. I make a lot of use from RB position as i use it twice in my formation 5-4-1 (rb,cb,lb >>> rb,dm,lb >>> 2xcm >>> am >>> fwd).. But i benched Alves for a while to give others a chance, that was to erase some debts before i started paying attention to games played. Here is my squad. (also, i recently picked up 2 rbs, since im selling
  7. Re: Getting concerns with 100% games played Alves was, since last season, going down from stage 3 to stage 1, so that would indicate that he was getting enough game time. Ive mostly benched him from turns 11 to 22 and thought that the game time accumulated from turn 1 to turn 11 was enough to cover it, which it should. Taking into consideration of what you are saying, if i have played him enough this season (22 league+cup+shild out of 22 league games), then his concerns are raising because of what happened previous seasons? Would this make any sense, cause it doesnt to me (fully). Also, if
  8. Hi everyone, hope someone can explain this to me. Today 2 of my players went from stage 1 to stage 2 concerns about lack of games, but here is the thing. So far in my competition, i have played 22 division games and 11 various cup/shield games. Dani ALVES, who went from stage 1 to stage 2, played (looking back at this season) 13 division and 9 cup/shield games. taken from Soccer Manager help section Taking this into consideration, he played 22 out of possible 22 games. While it is true, that he has been playing less for the last turn cycle, since i had to give other players some game ti
  9. Re: Who are likely to be next on the rating schedule? Hate to bump an older post, but have a question about it. How exactly are leagues reviewed? Im guessing its not in a pattern, but random, with bigger leagues more often then others. Even then, do reviews rotate on a predetermined schedule (1 review per month, 2, per week)? cheers
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