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  1. Re: Darren Bent NOT rising ?! Give me a break ! He scored 9 goals in 16 games for Aston Villa and 3 goals in 5 games for England.
  2. Bent is in 4th place in the Premier League top scorers with 17 goals, as Tevez and Berbatov have 20 each. He was scoring a lot in Sunderland and did the same in Aston Villa. Moreover, had it not been for him and Young, Villa could have been relegated ! He joined in and they moved up in the table big time, considering where they were before that. He also scores in the national team. Don't you think he deserves a 91 ?
  3. Adil Rami just won the French league with Lille where he had 35 starter games, more then just about any other player in the team. He is in Valencia now. He is the choice for center back in the French National Team. All this has been going on for a year. He has been consistent. You don't think he deserves a 91?
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