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  1. Re: How to solve the GC money problem. There is though mate. What happens with youngsters/risers? and the cap being unrealistic doesn't matter because it would only come into force when the games gone beyond unrealistic. There is no real argument against a cap. Simple as that.
  2. Re: Board Expectations The younger/newer managers should obviously get more time, and maybe the rewards/punishment would have to be rep based because of that, but something should be done. SM could even give the new managers better rewards for success, to keep them in jobs. Either way i think we all agree it's fair to get one if we get the other, and it should also make it better/exciting anyway imo.
  3. Re: How to solve the GC money problem. There's not too much to be done though, that's what people seem to make so hard to understand. It's one daft little feature, not about 5 like others to change/make unnecessary things. Like everybody has already said though loads of times, it's because the people been here the longest or the people respected more(the very few of them) don't like it. Your spoiling a game for many for the few of you, and this really is it now. Because all it does Phil is question wether you have more accounts, and them accounts are full of players. Or at-least one of the
  4. Re: How to solve the GC money problem. I understand and appreciate everybody's opinions on everything lads, the fact is though all the complaints are from older setups, so doing any trial that's not in a similar sized setup, with a similar number of managers and also the variety we have, will be no good really. It could help at the start of the setup's too though imo, because it should help with the greed and stop people asking for 3 and 4 players for 1. Which it turn spoils it because if that 1 player they bought gets injured or something, they end up quitting because they don't have many
  5. Re: Players Leaving Clubs It's the only way most will read them mate, because if they make too much sense they usually get ignored, so you need 5 or so similar for one to get read properly. As for the rest. It all makes plenty of sense to me, as you have maybe gathered if you read what i wrote. But like i said mate, something should be done for older setups too as thats were the problems are. You have even said yourself thats what discourages people, or potentially does. But it's the only thing that it can be really, as some of the clubs available are decent. They're just full of rubbish p
  6. Re: Board Expectations Agree mate it's all about fun, even when playing the game itself(in real life) that's the most important thing. Imo though it would add to the fun, especially now with chaimen offering jobs out. Some people seem to just ruin teams on purpose too, or at-least don't do anything when it's going wrong. If we were to get bonuses for winning then the other side of the coin should be available too, as it's only fair, especially when we have managers that do that.. Some even get top clubs when setups start and just pick the team once, then don't touch it again and the club d
  7. Re: What Tactics To Use To Counter 4-4-2? lol very sorry if you used that 3 5 2 and lost, as i've left counter attack out. You should always counter with a normal 3 5 2 imo, so sorry for leaving that bit as it's important .
  8. Re: Doesn't add up I agree mate and something could easily be done about it. The games are the whole point in playing and if thats all over, there's not much point. All the advice i gave you is good though mate, and is how it should be as it's all common sense really. But as you know, the game sometimes doesn't show any of that itself, so we can't expect it to be spot on all the time. Having said that lol, you also have to think mate that you had most of the ball, so your players were at-least doing something with it. Players don't always get low ratings when you lose, because it could be o
  9. Re: Favourite Guitar Solo('s)? Not too different from Flea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-S19RCPdoQ&feature=related Although theres not much else you can do with a them lol. There is too many to add here really, as there really is loads. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7qpfGVUd8c While my guitar gently weeps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4GuSVS18GE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sq8ciaFQHQM&feature=related This one is ok, the top one is just the solo from the full song, which is the bottom one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn28aGYytxs Most of t
  10. Re: How to solve the GC money problem. I said it was my last words earlier, but it's too hard. What will a cap do in a trial setup? the problem is old setups because there is more managers now, so it's not very likely to get as bad in the future. Any trial would need to be in an older setup, to see what affect it really has. Look how many players there is lads, there's loads really. There is well enough for everyone but not when people have loads they don't need. Thats the whole problem really. People wouldn't even be suggesting player happiness if teams didn't have loads of players. What h
  11. Re: Favourite Guitar Solo('s)? We should let it mate, this thread already looks a decent place to come to wind down, and God do we need it in here sometimes lol. SORRY IF I HAVE DONE PEOPLES HEADS IN TODAY, BUT SOME PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN WHILST ALSO TRYING TO TAKE THE MICHAEL. Once again, sorry, especially if anyone has an headache, i do. Never too much for a quality tune or two though. Talking heads but it's not much of a solo. Mainly the base lol. Too good not to add with the rest though imo.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8yfWEpnLpw&feature=related They have loads that could be
  12. Re: How to solve the GC money problem. Like people have said hundreds of times, the people with all the players are not going to like it, so people that do should be shouting for something as the games going to go down hill. If they are bad now, what will the GC's be like when them older ones are full? or more and more come to the game? The only thing is make it fairer all round or end up shutting GC's off, and you can't do that when EVERYBODY pays to play in them. Not a few managers. But something is clearly needed with the complaints every single day almost. A cap would improve several a
  13. Re: How to solve the GC money problem. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- it's all about fairness mate, nobody is saying lose players they shouldn't, just players they should never have bought or should have sold/swapped when buying the better players. and then So you want to change the rules of the game and effect almost 5000 Gold Setup clubs over 3 or 4 managers you think are hoarding players and thats ok with you????? Not me mate, us. Your contradicting yourself,make your mind up do you's want managers in existing setups to lose players
  14. Re: How to solve the GC money problem. Bed mate, you said already created setups shouldn't be affected! that won't do any good really as people are complaining about existing setups. Mainly the one's paid for. We can get any team and players we want in other setups mate, but the one's we pay for we can't because of what you can only say are greedy managers, which you sort of are lol. Sorry for not responding though as i was caught up in other replies. It's only decent players THAT SHOULD BE PLAYED that people moan about too, so there really is no reason for a cap in all GC's. People are sa
  15. Re: How to solve the GC money problem. Try highlighting a little bit more, you might then mate.
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