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  1. is it just me but it seems on the latest Spanish league rating changes that there's more increases than decreases, but in the English league changes its the other way around....does SM seem to think the premier league is on the decrease?
  2. Re: Mario Gomez if he doesnt rise theres somethin goin on
  3. Re: premier league underated? thnx for the replies....i'm new to this forum, how do i change the order of the thread to show me the first post to the last? its showing last to first at the mo. plz help its doing my head in haha
  4. why are the players in the premier league underated? i mean i thought wilshere wudda gone up to 90 at least, hernandez in his first season scores 20 goals and only a +1 (i know muller had a great world cup but only an average league form n went from 88-91???) joe hart only a +1 when he was a big part in man city gettin in champs league (in my eyes as good as lloris and neuer as i'v seen all of them play quite a bit) thought ven persie had a shout of a +1 after wat he did when he came bk from injury....even if arsenal did mess up at the end of it. thought ashley young had a great season as
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