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  1. Re: .:Legacy of Fluff:. Im interested in this ifs theres room guys
  2. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Will James Mccarthy rise to 90 this review?
  3. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Alright guys is the Hanover job up for grabs,ive applied but don't know if theres a waiting list?
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Paulinho or zaza and Neustadter?
  5. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Is Pablo Sarabia goin to have a rating change soon? how good is he?
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Will Hughes or goretzka? Long term.
  7. Re: Respuesta: "International Forumers Championship"
  8. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Wheres everyone gone
  9. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions How about Forster mate?
  10. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Couldn't agree more mate,gameworld should be started Friday or saturday,gives everyone the weekend then,instead of tryin to cramp it in on a monday.The interested managers havin been postin for days now,the other managers who haven't ovb aren't that interested.
  11. Re: "International Forumers Championship" How many managers are left to give there team list?
  12. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Are the teams gettin done today? Lookin forward to seeing if I got my first choice Everton;)
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Boateng mate
  14. Re: "International Forumers Championship" When do we know what teams we get? Hopefully I get my first choice everton,don't see anyone else as everton as there first choice,we need to put our names next to the team lists.
  15. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Is it cash only deals?
  16. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Fc1,Arsenal,chelsea Fc2,Everton,newcastle Fc3,Southamton,Wolsfsburg Fc4,Anderlecht,Sassuolo. would want an English team tho Everton is the club I want first.
  17. Re: Riferimento: "International Forumers Championship" Well id like Chelsea mate,as I asked first for them on page 1;)
  18. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Welcome mate,where are you from? the owner needs to put it next to your name.
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Juan Mata or Falcao?
  20. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Can we pick our teams?
  21. Re: "International Forumers Championship" Are there 34 managers now?
  22. Re: "International Forumers Championship" If we,re at 39 managers,why not do a gameworld with 40 teams,4 div,s of 10?
  23. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Jorrit HENDRIX or Bertrand TRAORÉ?
  24. Re: Riferimento: Re: "International Forumers Championship" England bud,ill take chelsea
  25. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ocampos or Will Hughes?
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