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  1. Re: The Progress Championship


    1. You are banned from the next 3 PiP windows (CM' date=' CF, DR)

    2. You cannot play Corentin TOLISSO at any time.

    3. He must be sold as soon as TB is up, and to the first External offer.[/quote']

    I think this is a bit harsh.its not as bad as the other rule break with 3 keepers,i think this was really done on accident,dont think he would of bid on him other wise.

  2. Re: The Progress Championship

    and you can only bid on 2.765 of them at a time' date=' they must be under 42 and over 17, you cant pay less than £32.70 for a player and he must be a he and rated under 99, he cant be a Columbian playing in Wales or a Serb playing in Scotland if his birthday is in April, his Mum cant be called Dora or his Dad, Ethel.

    and you cant bid on anyone living in Cleethorpe until Saturday evening after Ed has had his tea![/quote']

    Lol,glad u cleared that up mate.

  3. Re: The Progress Championship

    Oh dear.

    It was bound to happen.

    My thoughts:

    1. Banned from next three PiP windows as muted

    2. Must cancel the contract (release on free) the highest rated of the GK's at the first opportunity (is this even possible?)

    3. Leave the GW

    But im open to other ideas.

    After all the warnings' date=' its a bit of joke really.[/quote']

    I agree mate,its a joke,hes stopped other managers getting good keepers,theres no excuse for it,breakin the rules already is a joke,harsh punishment needed I think.

  4. Re: The Progress Championship

    100% agree mate. Things look pretty good at the moment' date=' need gizzy to accept his club offer and awaiting Elohim to take his club.

    One concern tho is the Forest Job and Nick Justice - not heard from him inspite of messages. I hink therefore i will have to give until 18:00 hrs (GMT) to hear from him or I will start offering the job out to others.

    The first PiP window will start tomorrow at midday - we need all managers in place by that time.[/quote']

    If you don't hear from the forest manager mate,and you offer the club out,can I take it? ;)

  5. Re: The Progress Championship

    Apologies my friend but looks very much like i accepted you by mistake. The club is actually supposed to be managed by someine else.

    Can i ask that you leave the club so that it can be properly allocated please.

    Thanks for your understanding mate

    Ok mate I will leave the club,just let me know if a team comes free.

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