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  1. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:.

    In my opinion it was wrong of the other manager to not notify anyone of his inactivity...

    If you leave now then the club is at a disadvantage..

    It's Fluffy's decision I guess

    Thanks mate,and I agree,I've spent all night biddin for players,if I leave now the players already have other bids on them and will soon get accepted,which will set the club bak even further then they are now,I will wait for other replies before doin anythin,but would like to stay if I can in this great setup.

  2. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:.

    I've just been informed that the person who put his name down for juventus in the first place has been in touch with the owner sayin he's been away and now wants to join,I'm abit gutted havin spent all night makin bids and talkin to other managers about deals,I just feel that he should of stated on the forum he was goin away and would be late joinin,and stoppin me wasting a night biddin,as a result juventus bein behind now as all bids have been accepted,if everyone feels I should step down then I will do the decent thing and leave,just wanted to know what people thought,thanks

  3. Re: M&M

    After the season is done' date=' I'll be doing a detailed analysis on each team. There is likely to be a few rule changes. Potentially a rating cap of 88 for minnows in div 2. Or only buying players u23.

    Two managers have quit recently and I have found 1 replacement, still looking for one more.[/quote']

    Id be intrested in joinin mate

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