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  1. henrik mkhitaryan or calhangau and verthonghen for griezmann?
  2. Maxi perieira to Porto on a free, surely this is a typo?
  3. Maxi pereira apparently sign for Porto on a free? surtely this was a typo?
  4. What the deets to register in the league again?
  5. Managed to scrape through to the first division by the skin of our necks here at Standard Liege. Good season. A few deals will need to be made ahead of next season. Aduritz was top class. 26 from 32 games at 7.84 Tevez 14 from 35 games, 17 assists at 7.94 Maxwell 9 from 34 at 7.59
  6. Griezmann or Alessandrini and Muniain?
  7. Got really tough one. De Vrij or Gimenez and Kurzawa? all on bench
  8. Colback down by 4 to 82? surely thats a mistake?
  9. de vrij or destro and 1M? both will be on the bench
  10. What did England actually win a game of crickey?
  11. Second title in a row now for Benfica, managed to win all 4 local titles this season, a new record in Portugal
  12. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Hes been his usual self' date=' quite an average season id say. But like Pedro said for me Salvio is the player to have in your team[/center']
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