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  1. Re: Ramos & Alonso both should be 95.They are the most important players of the team.
  2. Re: Suggestion's for a striker Thank you all for your post's .you've been very helpfull
  3. Re: Suggestion's for a striker the point of buing youth players is that they are realy cheap .it's realy an icredible thing to make a team of player with 10 M and after 3-4 years to sell them with 20 M each.Personaly I would buy Lahm or Ribery , I would never buy Pirlo for example even if he is a top class player.
  4. Re: Suggestion's for a striker thank you all for posting , I realy appreciate your help.
  5. Re: Suggestion's for a striker Interesting player but is taken.
  6. Re: Riferimento: Suggestion's for a striker
  7. Re: Suggestion's for a striker
  8. Re: Balotelli or Sturridge? Exept he doesn't realy play to much
  9. I am looking for a young striker ( 92 -93 generation) who has a good speed and a good techinique , kind of a new Sanchez.I was thinking maybe Ahmed Musa , Heung-Min Son or Yuij Ono but I don't know who should I buy. Any other suggestion's or should I buy one of them?
  10. Re: Shall i sell MERTESACKER ?? and if so who shall i get If you can get Subotic or Sakho it will be a great thing.I wouldn't go for Boateng.
  11. Re: Balotelli or Sturridge? I would say Balotelli is better.Sturridge has an impresive speed but Balotelli is alot better at shoting.And plays at England's champions Man. City.
  12. Re: Smalling or Varane? Varane is the better choice.
  13. Re: Romania - Liga 1 - 2012 Chiriches only 84? He is a starter at Steaua and at Romanian's national team.I don't see him playng in Liga 1 next season.Maybe a 85?
  14. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread How is Iturbe doing? Should I keep or sell him?
  15. Re: Austria, denmark and switzerland No one can give me a prediction for theese players pls?
  16. Re: Vlad Chiricheş I can say he is a realy good player.If he keeps it up he could be playng for a very good club in 2-3 years.Probably a 90+ player .But he still plays in Romania and I don't know if he can get from 80 to 86 in 1 raiting change in the romanian championship.Considering he's team has small chances to win the title.
  17. Re: Austria, denmark and switzerland can someone please help me with these players? Josip Drmic Oliver Buff Pak Kwang-Ryong Arlind Ajeti Nicolai Brock-Madsen Lucas Andersen Kenneth Zohore Thenks
  18. Re: Lucas Piazón - will we see him soon ??? ~x( Lucas Piazon is rated at 7,5 mil € .How could someone be rated at such a price for 5 games in reserve league and a total of 450 minutes? At least he has 2 goals but the price is still big.
  19. Re: Best Option Sanchez plays at Barcelona and plays well so far.I would go for him.
  20. vlad92

    Hart or Reina?

    Re: Hart or Reina? Many footbal experts say that Reina is in top 5 GK of the world.That's why he is a safe 93.
  21. vlad92

    Hart or Reina?

    Re: Hart or Reina? Reina is better
  22. Who do you think is a better player?And I'me not talking just about their curent form.
  23. Re: Marc-Andre ter Stegen - Germany`s new goalkeeping sensation who do you think is better Ter-Stegen or Bernd Leno?
  24. Re: Germany, Spain & Holland....who is the best? I say Holland and Brazil are clearly better.And England is the nr5.
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