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    Re: Portuguese Under-19 players


    Name: Armindo Tué Na Bangna
    Nickname: Bruma
    Nacionality: Portugal and Guine Bissau
    Age: 1994-10-24 (17 year old)
    Position: Winger
    Foot preference: Right
    Height: 173cm
    Weight: 70kg
    Sporting: 2011/2012 off season, scoring 1 goal agianst FC Presikhaaf.
    Sporting youth squads: 2008/2009, 31 games and 34 goals. 2009/2010, 24 games with 13 goals. 2010/2011, 33 games and 15 goals. Finally, 2011/2012 with 34 games and 21 goals. Also, Next gen series 2011/2012 with 6 games (491minutes) and 3 goals.
    Nacional Team:
    Uefa U-17 Championship: 3 games (256minutes) (2010/2011)
    Uefa U-19 Championship (Qualifier) : 5 games (346minutes) and 2 goals. (2010/2011) and 6 games (445minutes) and 1 goal (2011/2012).
    My Opinion :
    Bruma is the most talented young player in Portugal. Since 2010, when he was just 15, big european clubs have been trying to sign him. Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United are one of those clubs and also Manchester City that made an offer of 8M in 2010.
    After lots of rumours, he finally signed a 5 year professional contract and any club that would like to have this young kid in their team will have to give 30M.
    He is the typical Portuguese winger, or should I say Sporting winger, kids who played football since they were baby, played on the streets and have that in their blood.
    He is very good technically, dribbles very well and loves the one on one, sometimes he even loves it too much. Bruma is not just a dribbler, he also have a strong first touch and some good crossing skills.
    In both Sporting and Portugal U-19, he often appears as a second striker, not that he is very tall or strong but he is a very good finisher.
    Those would be his weak points, strength, height and also not a very good long shot. Perhaps the skills that he will need to improve the most are his influence on the game, he sometimes disappears for 15 minutes.
    In 2011 he made off season with the Sporting first team and even scored once, in 2012 he became U-19 portuguese champion and is actually playing the U-19 Euro (1 goal and one assist against Spain) and in 2013 he will play for Sporting B or Cercle Brugge, so he will come in DB in September.
    I hope you like this 17 year old player, best Portuguese young player and the future winger of nacional team and Sporting.
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    vlad92 reacted to garymack in Suggestion's for a striker   
    Re: Suggestion's for a striker
    try doubling that, I'm sure its 2 seasons per calender year on SM.
    I think the facination with youth is the chance to see a player grow/rise up through the ratings and the chance to be the person in a GW who has taken a team of 75's and got to the top now they are all 90's.
    and to answer the OP's question..........Destro, Borini, Guidetti, Insigne............
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    vlad92 reacted to reillydbaggie in Suggestion's for a striker   
    Re: Suggestion's for a striker
    thats like 15+ sm seasons the obsession with youth on here is crazy! its unreal when other managers wont touch players like lahm or ribery just because their 28ish still 6-7 sm seasons left at the top
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    vlad92 reacted to Glenn Hysén in Suggestion's for a striker   
    Re: Suggestion's for a striker
    I've been quite impressed with what I've seen of Moreno Rodrigo from Benfica. He's actually born 91 but he's got potential.
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    Riferimento: Suggestion's for a striker
    Hi, i think that musa is a good player and in future he can rise a lot, but now i suggest u to buy one of these two player:
    Marco Reus: very speed and good technique!
    Robert Lewandowski: great player, he absolutely rise to 91-92!
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    Re: Suggestion's for a striker
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    Re: Germany, Spain & Holland....who is the best?
    I said right now Spain is better.That means at this moment in 2012.I also said(just for the record) that I think in 2014 Germany will be better.It's just my opinion.
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    Re: Recipe-(Wonderkids).Should i continue?
    I think you should do whatever you want.
    Has you see, people LOVE your posts and has the vote tells, they want you to continue.
    I also prefer you continue but if you think you're getting tired or lazy dont do it so often.
    Those who are jealously about your hard work, should try to be better, instead of trying to convince you to stop. Foruns are ideal to discuss and even if you post new kids, nothing tells me that you analysis is right.
    Everyone should look at this threads has suggestions, nothing else.
    For you, NUFC23, i can only say: :thumbup:
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    Re: Vol 6: Recipe-(Wonderkids)(Special Edition!)
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    Timur Khakimov

    Date of birth:23.08.1994
    Age: 16
    Height: 1,69
    Nationality: Uzbekistan
    Team: FC Pakhtakor Tashkent
    Position: Striker
    Under 17 World Cup in Mexico
    4 Games
    3 Goals
    Khakimov plays for youth team of FC Pakhtakor. He played for the Uzbekistan U-16 national football team during the 2010 AFC U-16 Championship in Tashkent. In the 2010 AFC U-16 Championship, he scored 5 goals to be the top goalscorer of tournament with Takumi Minamino. He also secured the most Valuable Player Award of 2010 AFC Championship.

    On 26 February 2011, Samvel Babayan, the Vice President of FC Pakhtakor, said in a press conference in Tashkent that Khakimov will start to play for main Pakhtakor's squad for the 2011 season.
    My View:
    He has been doing very well in the Uzbek team thus far, has won awards for Leading Top Scorer in other Comps, With 3 goals already to his name and i can see he is a pure, natural born Poacher, Leads the line rather well and makes runs similar to Javier Hernandez, has the same predatory ability like Javier, Good with either foot a player who plays with FC Pakhtakor who came 2nd in 2010 Season in the Uzbekistan League.
    If he continues this form i see a host of clubs trying to buy this kid, from Uzbekistan he could be bought i think for really cheap and could turn out to be a great goalscorer for any league, Watch out for this kid.
    Goal VS Czech Republic U17 (5m 6sec)

    Goal vs New Zealand U17 (Really nice finish on the turn and acute angle on weak foot) (39 Sec)

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    vlad92 reacted to NapoliFan101 in QUICK QUICK QUICK Toulalan for Pastore ?   
    Re: QUICK QUICK QUICK Toulalan for Pastore ?
    Nah. Malaga are becoming a much better team then Palermo. Better chance at a European spot and could keep his rating. Keep Toulalan for now.
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    vlad92 reacted to Elohim in QUICK QUICK QUICK Toulalan for Pastore ?   
    Re: QUICK QUICK QUICK Toulalan for Pastore ?
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    vlad92 reacted to 123_ABC in Pjanic/Muniain /Griezmann   
    Re: Pjanic/Muniain /Griezmann
    Id buy Munian to be honest. He is very young and can achieve a lot by the time he is 20 like the other two. Pjanic is 90 but he isn't doing well with Lyon so it will be hard for him to get 91 there.
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    vlad92 reacted to BroodRoosterNL in Pjanic/Muniain /Griezmann   
    Re: Pjanic/Muniain /Griezmann
    Currently I'd say
    Muniain is younger and at a better club than Griezmann, though I doubt you can go wrong with them as they both play and I guess they'll both make 89 next season and both are tipped as great talents.
    Pjanic' problem is that he hasn't been playing much last season, but Lyon seem to be looking for a new manager so I guess he'll have a new chance and might become a starter again. If that happens and Lyon perform better than last season he might just be on his way back to 91. But for now he's simply not the best option.
    Though in the end I'd buy them all if I could
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    vlad92 reacted to Jack-THFC in Pjanic/Muniain /Griezmann   
    Re: Pjanic/Muniain /Griezmann
    Muniain by miles, the guy is a bigger talent then Neymar, yeah i said it.
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    vlad92 reacted to NariN in Pjanic/Muniain /Griezmann   
    Re: Pjanic/Muniain /Griezmann
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