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  1. Hello! Do you swap Subotic for Mata? In this setup we don't have any players 92+ free. Tks
  2. Hello, i am interested in this setup too! Very good idea!
  3. Re: Aubameyang and Sokratis rise? Tks for the reply! Hummels, Subotic, Schmelzer, Bender, Gundogan and Mkhitaryan will drop? I have Dortmund in a Game World and i don't know who i would sell our keep. Tks
  4. Hello Aubameyang and Sokratis, any chance of this 2 players reach 91 in the end of season?
  5. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Hello Aubameyang and Sokratis, any chance of this 2 players reach 91 in the end of season? Will Hummels, Subotic, Schemelzer, Bender, Gundogan and Mkhitaryan hold their ratings? Tks for the help!
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Should I swap Aubameyang for Pastore and Rabiot? Tks
  7. Hi! I'm in a custom game world and the unmanagged teams don't make any offers for the transfer listed players. We are in the 2nd round. Is this normal? Thank you
  8. MANDANDA, Steve- GK -91 -> SCHMELZER, Marcel - LB/LM -90 -> CASSANI, Mattia- RB -90 -> IRAOLA, Andoni -RB-90 -> NESTA, Alessandro-CB- 94 -> ALBIOL, Raúl -CB- 91 -> MIRANDA, João- CB- 90 -> RAKYTSKIY, Yaroslav- CB/DM- 89 -> VERTONGHEN, Jan -Def/DM-90 -> BARRY, Gareth- DM/CM -91 -> ARTETA, Mikel-CM/LM - 90 -> VAN DER VAART, Rafael-AM/Wing- 92 -> CAHILL, Tim - AM/CM- 91 -> AUGUSTO, Renato -AM/Wing - 90 -> KAGAWA, Shinji- AM/Wing- 88 -> KRASIC, Miloš- Wing/AM- 91 -> VALBUENA, Mathieu- Wing/AM-90 -> AYEW, André- Wing/Fwd
  9. This player can get 90 in the next review? He his playng all games in lyon? His a good buy?
  10. RAKYTSKIY, Yaroslav -89 YARMOLENKO, Andriy -88 AYEW, andre This players can rise 90 in the next review? Tks
  11. Re: Potential 91 risers. Luis Suarez?! He 91 for so long, he will rise +1 for sure.
  12. Re: 90+ players in risk to drop? Why you think that Albiol drop? He don't play in Real but he plays in the national team. Arshavin will stay. Tks for the awsers.
  13. We always want to know who will be the biggests riser. But, what do you think will be the next 90+ players to drop in nexts reviews?
  14. Re: change Vertonghen for Moutinho I have this players. Baines Lb/LM 90 Schmelzer Lb/LM 90 Iraola Rb/RM 90 Cassani Rb/RM 90 albiol CB 91 m'bia Cb/DM 90 Miranda, joão 90 Vertonghen Def/DM 90 Barry, gareth CM/DM 91 Arteta, mikel CM/LM 90 Cahill, Tim AM/CM 91
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