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  1. Re: Youth team Risers? BOUY, Ouasim - sell INSIGNE, Roberto - keep DAEHLI, Mats - sell SAKOR, Vajebah - long term CURTI, Nicolo - sell
  2. Re: Andreas Pereira i saw him two times playing for United U18. he was good, but not outstanding.
  3. Re: Zakaria Bakkali, Belgian Top Talent playing from begin today against Nigeria
  4. Re: Zakaria Bakkali, Belgian Top Talent i saw him, too. and yes he was awesome.
  5. Re: Verrati or Pogba? at the moment there is no doubt. pogba is the better one. just a little bit. but both are world-destroyer. unbelievable good. keep both, if you can.
  6. Re: Bayern II and Emre Can.
  7. Re: Marco Benassi good debut yesterday
  8. Re: Hervin Ongenda - PSG debuted today for paris in the 81st minute. at the age of 17.
  9. Re: Paul Pogba worldclass. i am speechless. he is fantastic.
  10. Re: ~ | Vajebah Sakor | ~ i saw him in NextGen Tournament and he was.... wooooooow. unbelievable. so skillfull, he was the youngest player on the field but nobody had a chance against him. his defence skills were perfect. his offensive skills, too. complete player.
  11. Re: Enzo Zidane ! But one good goal is nothing worth
  12. Re: Young talents Paul Pogba is able to reach 94+ in the future. He is really a world destroyer talent, as Patrick Vieira before him.
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