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  1. Re: "The Bragantino Springboard".:|Diego Macedo (78) and Paulinho (77)|:.
  2. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions He's very good in the linkup play, both as the pivot and the one who starts the move - he's not rare to come further down to linkup and has a good passing ability in the final 3rd. His highest quality is his instincts and feel in and around the box either to score or to set up his strike partner (works at his best with a striking duo imo), coupled with his shooting ability and speed - although I would say he'd still need to improve and polish his shooting in my opinion, but he's not scared to shoot with both feet so that's very good to a young striker. And it's not that he's limited with the ball, he's pretty capable on the ball ever further away from the box if needs be (well now it's harder cause phyisically he's still beneath the pro level - but at the U-17 level he was) - but he focuses more on playing like a striker. Despite his size, unlike most players who are shifted slowly to winger roles etc - he is playing like a real more oldschool centre-forward, which is why the Romario comparison comes to mind. He's obviously not as good as him, but with his size, position, playstyle, and that feel for scoring goals in the area.. there's resembles.
  3. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Another great game for Fred(Inter) today. A great assist to Dagoberto for the 1-0, and in general just so much work on the field. This kid is like Ramires on steroids. The amount of ground he covers on both ends of the pitch is just ridiculous, and the amazing thing is he's sprinting like 80% of the time (and his acceleration is extremely fast). He played a more central midfield role today with D'Alessandro back to the lineup as the AM, and showed fantastic understanding defensively in the midfield which I didn't think he had - he has alot of fight in him - and on offense he played smart 1 touch football mainly. He's really small, but I really really like this kids attitude on the pitch. he's a non-stop workhorse.
  4. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions I like him personally' date=' I think he'll break into Porto senior team eventually.. think i'd keep him, I think the move to Portugal will do him good, he's strong, fast, knows how to assist\score goals - and Porto is a great place to develop. Another kid i'd reccomand to keep an eye on is Leo, from Cruziero (no idea what his full name is) - he's a young striker who played in the Brazilian U-17 teams in the Sudamericano and the U-17 world cup and imo impressed quite a bit, esp in the former. He didn't play with the senior side yet, but I think that is just inevitable and will happen during the year, if he's not sold to Europe before that (Cruziero tends to sell their young talents very quickly) I don't mean Leo the CB, so it can be confusing as I can't tell his full name - but he's a 18 year old striker, plays like a complete 9 forward, and worth to keep an eye on - here's his picture [img']http://e.imguol.com/esporte/futebol/2011/04/09/leo-comemora-gol-com-lucas-piazon-gol-pela-selecao-brasileira-contra-a-argentina-no-sul-americano-sub-17-1302403396938_300x300.jpg[/img]
  5. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions GOLACO BERNARD. This kid is unreal.
  6. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions And I will say this again, for the 5th time. Bernard is the best player in the Brasilerao. By a mile too.
  7. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Denner, the young leftback on Corinthians I mentioned the other week, will debut today instead. He was a real standout in their Copinha side, and should make a push for a starting LB spot next year in my opinion. Wolfsburg bought Fagner from Vasco
  8. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Not sure but I think he ment Lucas Otavio, a Santos young 2nd volante. I say this cause i've actually watched Lucas Otavio on the Copinha, and this kid is seriously talented - he's small in frame but really feisty with lots of fight in him - but also very skilled on the ball with great technique and passing ability. I expect him to reach Santos senior squad next year. Although I could be wrong obviously and he ment that Inter kid (I haven't seen him personally yet) - But remembering how impressive Lucas Otavio was in the Copinha for Santos I immediately thought of him in reference to that name.
  9. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Oscar is actually better then Lucas right now, surely over the last year orso. As in, not even close 'better'.. Lucas has been impressive only against sub-par teams in the Paulista pretty much, and needs to have 1 ball for him and 1 ball for the rest of the team - extremely individual\selfish.
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions 25 mil is really paying premium for Oscar. I mean he's a great player and all don't get me wrong - but he's not gonna contribute like a 25million euro player atleast not right now. He'll need to adjust to the physicality of the EPL for sure, and to the speed of the game too - although he's a very intelligent player. I think in general his future is more in the Iniesta mold rather then a real playmaker.. bht he needs to have more body balance and physicality to play in the center midfield like that - also he's too right-leg dominant.
  11. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Btw, Victor Andrade, still 16 years of age, is going to get his 1st start in the Brasilerao tomorrow vs Gremio, playing alongside Neymar. Worth a watch aswell.
  12. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Keep an eye on both 18 year olds Denner and Marquinhos from Corinthians Teams who win the Libertadores usually give alot of rest to their major guys - Denner is a leftback who was very impressive in the Copinha and got called to the latest u-20 squad - and Marquinhos was the captain of the U-17 squad in both the Sudamericano and the World cup, and looked impressive at times - while he's reckless sometimes and is very short - he is extremely fast and aggressive. Marquinhos especially i'd say, cause with Castan moving to Roma (Another name who I think would absolutely rise in Europe, to me the 2nd best defender in Brazil after Dede) - I think Marquinhos will get alot more chances to play and showcase himself, and I think he'll make a good impression. Good to see Cidinho making more of an impact, always liked him since the Pan American games. Absolutely AMAZING goal from Elkeson too, and with his left foot!! the buildup was amazing aswell.. surely goal of the week.. Seedorf in the stands approved of that one
  13. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=1807682&postcount=861
  14. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions I've always claimed that Oscar is a Brazilian version of Iniesta. He plays AM, but as he grows stronger, older, and more mature - he should be playing as a creative CM, like he played in the U-20 world cup for Brazil(and after little adjustments did very well, and was the man of the tournament even if FIFA didn't pick him (what a joke lol) He still need that time to mature, and stepping in that Modric role in Tottenham(if he comes I bet this is to replace him) - will take him time and he's not there yet, but if I need to bet he will get there.
  15. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Hey guys, haven't been here for quite a while. Just wanted to say that Bernard is the best player in the Brasilerao since the league began - and in general for anyone who followed the Gallo, would know he's one of the brightest young talents in all of Brazil.
  16. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Currently he's with Gremio.
  17. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions Guys what do you think about the news regarding Mario Fernandes to Real Madrid btw? Under Mourinho this kid can really fulfill his full potential, which is imo be one of the best FBs in the world(CB too, but seems that ship has sailed I guess), if only he'll listen and work hard on what Mourinho tells him staying focused. I do have to worry about him adjusting to a new eviorment and moving out of Brazil though, this kid seems to have a problem with that and it's gonna be a struggle early on I would assume.
  18. Re: MARIO FERNANDES, Figueira (85) - 9.5D Seems well on his way to Real Madrid for 15mil euro. Insider m8, what do you reckon about that move? I think if he'll only listen Mourinho can really turn him into one of the best FBs in the world.. his raw potential is immense. I have my doubts about his mentality and adjustment to leaving Brazil though... like u mentioned early in the post - and also with how he rejected to come to the National Team in such a wierd way.
  19. Re: "The Bragantino Springboard".:|Diego Macedo (78) and Paulinho (77)|:. I wonder why English sides are not interested in Paulinho. Opposite to the Italian game, the English one would suit his strengths in a pretty perfect way imo, and he would be a great fit in the more "grey" english game, built on power, speed athletic ability, mobility etc. His great off the ball movement and keen senses for goal, arriving late to the box ala Frank Lampard would instantly translate there aswell. Not a "star", but a great team player who will work really hard - in Italia his lack in the defensive part of the game will be more exposed, aswell as not being that great technically on the ball. In england those 50\50 midfielders with great athletic ability are fitting alot more.
  20. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions He will get playing time cause he's a utility man. He plays anywhere on the pitch especiely in the right flank, both as fullback, midfield, or wing. Said before, but I really like this kid. he's not a huge talent - but he's a very positive player that any team would love to have as a completing part to the squad. Will be interesting to see how he develop though, in terms of position. cause this versatility is nice at first but could damage him eventualy. I think from what I saw this kid should be a rightback in the longterm.. he doesn't stop running, he has a very good aggressive dribble, and he's pretty fast too especiely in the first few steps - but on the other hand isn't offensive enough to contribute in the forward spots.
  21. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions So basically all the good players go to that Nike tourny? and this team that is literally ripping everyone else apart is the 2nd rate talents? wow man. I can't wait to see the Nike Tourny then(if it's even aired, u have any idea if it is/where I can find info on it?) - if kids like Robert, Indio and Caio are the 2nd rate talents of this generation:p Thanks for the quick answer ma man.
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