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  1. Strakosha or Onana ? Grimaldo or Calabria ? Long term.
  2. hey m8 how to report a manager in game? he has multiple accounts in same gw. cant seem to find anywhere the 'report' option in a manager's profile ....

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    2. Kev


      Yeah, it's a big square with GW ID and 'Friends in this GW' on it as well!

    3. Mr Noisy

      Mr Noisy

      hope your well Ghora. Been a long time since I saw your name floating about.

    4. Ghora


      chugging along bud. hope ur fine Noisy. :)

  3. may God give everyone his blessings.
  4. this is my last post in this forum. bye.

  5. Now how do i deactivate this forum account?
  6. ok did it. the old interface "quit club" button worked.
  7. seems impossible to quit. even by reverting back to the old interface the quit club option is disabled. Any help?
  8. learn to be a human not the dirty little rat u r.

    1. Ghora


      ur a filthy political pig.

  9. Is Julio Villalba any good? Max. potential?
  10. My offer of David Luiz + Bentaleb for Kovacic got countered by Romagnoli + 10 million for Kovacic? Just found out that there is Caldara available in the market at an external so I'm thinking accepting this offer and buy Caldara to replace Romagnoli. What do you guys think?
  11. I'd rather keep the two depends on the market. if there's top talents can be bought for 65m n ur looking for some depth then yes. otherwise Kroos with his super strong club and NT will always have the chance of being higher rated than Kante. IRL i'd accept (if I'm Zidane ) but probably not in game.
  12. calhanoglu or goretzka ? and fekir or vietto?
  13. i hope its a flawed strategy by him. anyway i do think these concerns are great as it will keep the top young players available.
  14. actually a guy has two keepers with Donnarumma being his 2nd best. so i wondered whether it was a deliberate strategy by him or not...
  15. what happens if suppose i have two keepers of 92 and 89 rating and the 89 has level 5 concern. will my chairman be able to sell the 89 since a team cant have only 1 keeper in the team in SM?
  16. Harry Kane's concern drops to level 3 after playing 28 matches out of 37 (plus a few cup matches).
  17. balanced deal imo. go for whichever positions u need most
  18. thnx for answering. will 'injury' and 'not match fit' be counted as turns too?
  19. what method does SM follow on player concerns? how long it takes for a player to drop or raise is his concern level? i'd like someone to shed some light on this. thanks.
  20. i want to know the how long it takes before the concern level drops again. my harry kane concern level went from 3 to 4 on 20th june. after that i played him in all matches but the concern level hasnt dropped yet.
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