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  1. We secured the Divison 1 title with an absolute cracker of performance and recorded their biggest ever home league win by beating Aberdeen 4 - 0.

    With 14' date='816 fans turned out to watch the title winning match, also breaking the previous home record attendance.


    Do you ever win a busy gameworld?

  2. First gameweek showed exactly what will happen throughout the season. Barcelona will win La Liga but fail in Europe. Real will fail in everything. Given Benitez's genius there's a solid chance of Real finishing outside top 4. I'd advice people to bet on Real to finish outside top two and get some 'real' cash. Messi and Ronaldo both will flop - Ronaldo more so than Messi. Suarez to win Ballon D'Or.

  3. Alright' date=' I understand that BarcaKes is busy for the next few days and that's why he doesn't get back to me.

    The other 2 managers have replied at least once to me.

    Sorry, mate, you know you're always welcome here!

    You're up, Ghora - could you please pick your club?[/quote']

    A club of 30 to 40k capacity... okay I'll tell you shortly.

  4. Re: ||Deal With It||

    Chairman bought no player above 70. Got thrashed in the first match 5-0. Even my GK got injured!

    Can it get any worse? It bloody hell can. The next match is against Inter in SMFA Champions Cup within two days! :eek:

  5. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    Rafa Benitez to Real being murmured...

    Would be a disaster if it happens. His peculiar style of play wont work in the long run. More importantly I want Real to keep Carlo at all costs. I just love his style and also personality. Retains the respect of the players wherever he goes.

  6. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

    Pogba is a million times better than De Rossi. (2 seasons in a row already)

    De Rossi @94 and Pogba @92 .............................wake up !!!!!!!!

    As I said keep yourself inside the 64 squares. Pogba is massively overrated.

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