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  1. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Go on admit it. You haven't actually seen them play have you?

    Messi is the best creative passer in the world. The only player who's comparable was Laudrup and even he's a good distance behind.

    Lol who are you kidding? Guys like Iniesta, Ronaldinho kills him in creative passing. Xavi doesnt bother with intricate passing usually but he could do better than Sissy whenever he wants.

  2. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Why does he have to come to England? He has scored against English teams in the CL' date=' why does he have to score against the likes of Stoke, Newcastle and West Brom to prove he is good?

    That you are Ronaldo's bit on the side?[/quote']

    He failed to score against Chelsea. Different club,country, league,atmosphere than where he's playing from 7 years age : in the best academy with best passers. Yep I do think his performance graph will drop to an all time low.

  3. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    and none were better than Messi. If he played for any other team other than Barcelona you would think he was the best ever. Your just so blinded by the your Madrid bias you can't admit it.

    I think you are a bit of a clown. They clearly are much better than Messi. Messi should try playing for another club in England and then we'll see how well he adapts.

  4. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    I have to admit that even though I sometimes think he exudes arrogance on pitch' date=' which is probably due to how competitive he is, I admire a lot of what he is doing outside football. I remember him donating money for a child's operation, his haircut in tribute to the cancer-stricken kid and now this.[/quote']

    Speaking generally, arrogant people arent usually bad in the inside. They're just too proud to be modest and dont bother about their image.

  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    It's a fact. Messi is miles ahead of the rest.

    As for him not being in the top 5...lol. Messi could score 5 own goals and Argentina could get knocked out of the groups with zero points and Messi would still be the greatest of all time.

    Next you will say Chicharito is a great finisher lol Messi cant even be the best of Barca. Ronaldinho is and forever will.

    That is what made it so good for me' date=' beating Neuer like he did.

    "Man you almost cracked me up. I'll have what you're having."

    Seemed appropriate![/quote']

    How original.

    Hahahaha name 5 players better than Messi?

    Apart from CR7? Maradona, Garrincha, Ronaldinho, Bald Ronaldo, Zizou, Pele. I'm sure there's a few more...

  6. Re: The Random Thread

    Very well said. Killed endangered animals' date=' then caused murder from negligence. Not to forget his lying that driver did it and escaping justice for 13 years.[/quote']

    And his contribution to Indian cinema is making Bollywood even more laughable than it already is. Pathetic actor and a worse dancer.

  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Messi is just incredible. Hands down the best player of all time and has been the player in the world since about 2008. Makes Neymar and Suarez look like a pair of Aaron Lennon's.

    Wow way to insult Suarez. He's the one who has made the difference in El Clasico and CL away games.

    Ridiculous comment. Hands down the best of all time. Messi will mess himself before taking his team to World Cup glory single handedly like Maradona did. Not even in top 5.

  8. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Why everybody talks about a Bayern win against Barca like it'll be such a surprise?They're the best team in the world and with a fit Thiago they're unstoppable.Oh..and Alaba should return by then too I suppose

    You forgot the possibility of Bayern throwing the 1st leg away in order to get more home match tickets and then to unleash the real Gotze to do his thing.

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