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  1. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Here's a question.

    Xavi dropped to 91 recently from 93' date=' I thought this was pretty harsh as h dropped from 95 to 93 in Jan.

    Say he stays with Barce for another year, and wins the treble.

    does he get that 93 back? Im sure he only dropped cos he was linked to going to Dubai?[/quote']

    Yes its illogical to drop someone that quickly. But I'm happy that they did. :P

  2. Re: The Official Cricket Thread

    That's only CSK' date=' [b'] run by the honest Mr. Srinivasan[/b]

    more like 3 and a half but ok

    IPL is not too bad, it is at any rate better than what england call a T20 league:D

    Ya, wonderful human being he is.

  3. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread

    Hazard may have more finesse and better ball control than say, Robben and Bale but he doesnt have that kind of an impact. Also his ground coverage is poor compared to Robben and Bale who can dribble with the ball at a blistering pace and far more dangerous on the counter.

    Neymar dont have that much power and pace but is a better finisher than all 3. Reus is a very well rounded player with a good mix of every quality that an attacking midfielder must possess.

  4. Re: ||Deal With It|| - Coming this May!

    Rules like two youths in every game, 3 spanish defenders throughout the season and 79 or less rated left backs are not easy to follow. Its quite high maintenance and could easily be broken.

    A starting squad cap of 24 in season 3, with a rating cap of 87 and only 3 players allowed at that rating. The rest needs to be below 83-84.

    So its a rating cap of 83-84 with 3 extra players @ 87 right? :P

    16 games each season

    14 games if there's 8 teams per div.

    I'm thinking that these 4 teams will be able to put a player under dibs.. and the player in question can be up to a certain rating (that is above the rating of the season 3 cap)

    The dibs process would be as follows..

    Winner of Division 1 Season 1 picks first

    Winner of Division 1 Season 2 picks second

    Winner of Division 2 Season 1 picks third

    Winner of Division 2 Season 2 picks fourth and last.

    A same team can win 2 players in this process which is not a problem. I'm just saying ... :P:)

    Overall its good as long as the rules arent too complicated to follow.

  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Alright I've went through 80% to 90% of whats being written after that argument.

    I've thought over quickly on the issue once again and now I've clearly realised what has gone wrong.

    I dont know who deleted Safir's post but thankfully someone quoted him so I could see it. Safir has got it partly right partly wrong.

    here's his comment :

    So obviously there's a cultural divide here.

    Something to keep in mind here is that given what he experiences in his daily life, Ghora's reaction may be completely normal and justified. After all we're talking about two different continents here.

    That being said, I don't think ray intended it in a racial sense, even though it's been interpreted so. On the flip side I'm appalled by how much crap some people are throwing at Ghora without even trying to understand where his perspective is coming from.

    Safir said its two different continent so point of view will be very different from me and an european for example. This is where he is bang on.

    Now he probably thought I was talked down upon by some European before and I let that anger out on Ray. Thats not the case.

    The thing is Racism is non existent in India. Its a nothing word here. Nobody will take much of an offence if the word is used here. So I never for a moment thought it can cause this kind of reaction. I just felt he thinks of me as a fan who doesnt care about any team other than the big clubs like most Asians do. I thought he isnt taking me as a serious football fan due to my location and I got angry.

    Now looking back I do feel the racist word was very harsh ONLY BECAUSE its an extremely sensitive word in western countries I guess.

    If you look back at the remark I made you can see I said it matter of factly. "I'm talking about the racist bit" is what I said. Like racism is not so much of a big deal at all. Its because I'm Indian and I said the word casually. I admit it was wrong word to say but it was not my intention to hurt someone in the fashion it eventually did.

    I apologise for saying something wrong to Ray and others who got deeply offended but I'm not ashamed of myself as it was unintentional from my part. Thats why I was stubborn and didnt say sorry despite Stuart asking for it multiple times. Its because I was honest to myself all along.

    But if someone still sees me as THE VILLAIN who's true dark character was revealed from a single comment then they can go ahead with it. Who am I to stop them?

  6. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Fine' date=' but don't be surprised if people think a little less of you.

    Well below he's said that this is the most insulted he's ever felt on this forum. Considering he's been a member for 7 years, that's some going.[/quote']

    Alright but I dont think people will think a little less of me at all.

    There's no guarantee of truth in that comment. I strongly feel he said it to make things more awkward for me. But having said that I understand you're on his side in this argument and believe him to have said the truth.

    That will be all from me tonight.

  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    Not mod responsibility' date=' moral responsibility. Ray's clearly taken huge offence to your comment (as I would have) and I think it's best that you clear the air by apologising. You're more than welcome to do that in private if you'd prefer.[/quote']

    I dont think I've said anything wrong and I'm not about to apologise. And if you're talking to me as a normal forumer then I'd suggest you not to interfere and say the same thing time and time again.

    Btw how do you "clearly" know that he's taken a huge offence?

  8. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread

    No it was not even in the slightest and you said I was a racist....

    I won't hold my breath for an apology' date=' it takes a bigger man to admit when they were in the wrong and you clearly are not going to..

    But well done this is the most insulted I have ever felt on my time in the forum so congratulations I'm sure that will please you no end.


    I never said you were a racist. I said the comment was a bit racist. Big difference.

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