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  1. Re: new sm values.... good or bad You'd be surprised the amount of people that aren't on the forum to be honest mate. I haven't got the time I used to have to play this game anymore' date=' but in the past I could probably pick a team from 50%+ of the setups and easily get most talents, the only stumblings I might find is the more well known ones like Rafael, Fabio, Welbeck, Santon ect (obviously in the setups where they'd have come in as free agents) but the rest of the risers would be easy even in setups where a manager would have 100+ reputation. If there was a forumer in there buying youth then going from what I read in here they either keep players (if they'll rise again) or swap them for someone that'll rise higher, i'm not saying it is always the case, but going by what I have read it is certainly the majority
  2. Re: new sm values.... good or bad In the overall context of the game you've got to look at it this way, many people were taking on smaller teams and buying cheap oldies who were on big wages not thinking about the consiquences. Later on they'd realise that the wage bill eats all the funds and often leave the club, which obviously meant the club would lose a lot of money and go in to so much debt that the club wasn't worth taking on. Now with this change at least it stops players doing that in new setups, but also makes clubs in those situations in older setups worth taking because you can get decent money for the older players to rebuild if you want to take a heavily debted older club on.
  3. Re: The Corinthians news thread. sgDmWUAngwk&feature=player_embedded Ronaldo hat trick last night
  4. Re: Mexican Risers (2009)
  5. Re: The Division 4 Challenge! My Darlington side I took on at the end of November last year are currently 41 league games unbeaten. I took them on with six games of the previous season left with the team languishing at the bottom of division 4 and around a million pounds in debt. The chairmans investment just about got me out of enough debt to buy a few of the South American risers at the time and sell the over payed oldies the previous manager had. Eventually I got rid of them all and managed to get just about every decent riser before the Leeds manager in the set up. As you can see I won all but 2 league games and managed to score 156 goals. I was knocked out of the cup by Arsenal in the 2nd round and lost the quarter final of the shield to Chelsea, so there's no shame in that My squad now http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1046353&clubid=7872841&sid=9415
  6. Re: The Rochdale's League Good team there Toggs http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1097990&clubid=11128971&sid=21112
  7. Re: The Rochdale's League I've just put a bid in for Diego and I am going to buy one of Iniesta, Chiellini or Dani Alves tomorrow hopefully:eek:
  8. Re: WC 1074 Club América Johan, I love how you've done the last two reports, superb stuff I'm on my third game of the season, haven't got the time to do a full report, but not had too bad a start and i've had a few risers which has helped, because even with all my money (£148M) I can't buy anyone rated over 89. Doesn't bother me too much though, because as long as I stay in the division this season I think quite a few players will rise and it's more fun that way First team Youth team Table as it stands Best manager
  9. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Alan Shearer in Championship Mangager promo. http://img188.imageshack.us/img188/8522/ascm.jpg
  10. Re: Spanish Ratings Piatti down one. I had him on the transfer list in case that happened and have a few £12M+ offers from external clubs, is it worth selling and getting him back cheaper later?
  11. Re: The Rochdale's League I got no investment either, I was a bit disappointed about it at first, but i'm looking at it this way...if i've got no money when i'm almost skint, the other managers haven't got any money either, which means once the TB's are up, I should be able to get the players I want I'm more angry about no increased capacity TBH.
  12. Re: The Rochdale's League I'll post screenshots tomorrow, runaway champions like everyone else, i'm still in profit (£2M) with a squad value of about £215M. Did anyone get any money for the start of the new season? I'm a week behind most of you so would be good to know
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