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  1. Re: Footie Zealots I had a good challenge today against FC Salzburg final score was 4-4 fairplay azim!
  2. Im looking to buy some games but not sure what?, i want games that last or any decent games rather than a game you could complete in a day, so im stuck on thoughts any idea's?
  3. Re: Fifa 11 SM Pro club team. ill join sometime if you want? my pro's 85 (striker) or ill play wing or whatever
  4. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread does anyone play pro clubs on ps3 here?
  5. Re: Footie Zealots Cheers mate starting to like my team maybe you should of predicted me a bit higher eh
  6. Re: Footie Zealots Suprisingly i beat liverpool 4-3 in the smfa cup which means im top of the group, which im very pleased about!
  7. Re: Footie Zealots Fenerbahçe SK show up santos as they win 3-1 With lampard, berbatov and trochowski scoring in the first ten minutes.. fenerbahce are top of the table on gd and look to keep it that way
  8. Re: Footie Zealots haha was good mate glad my boys aint let me down yet
  9. Re: Footie Zealots Fenerbahçe SK X1: Buffon Richards Carvalho Abidal J.Cole Cheyrou Pedretti Trochowsk Lampard Gomis Berbatov Ill probably sign one more player and leave it as that, team looks alright just need to win games to get cash now to add depth!
  10. Re: Footie Zealots im liking my team too mate! if anyone else wants a friendly go for it my teams already shown up one team? whos next ;)
  11. Re: Footie Zealots Fenerbahçe Smash West Ham 4-1 This Gives The manager a lot of confidence and looks to gain a lot out of this squad.
  12. Re: Footie Zealots think it might mate buffon will be there, berbatov, lampard
  13. Re: Footie Zealots Fenerbahçe Go on a mad spending spree and bring in such names as buffon, lampard berbatov carvalho and abidal and much more looking forward to west ham tonight
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