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  1. Re: Emmanuel Adebayor Yeah but he is scoring them at the highest level. He is also playing like a 94 he is playing well also. its not just his scoring record
  2. Re: Emmanuel Adebayor Adebayor should be 94, yes he is not as good as drogba, rooney etc but his scoring record this season warrants a 94.
  3. Re: Diego Lopez Has he even played for villareal??? From what a can find viera has started nearly all of the games this season.
  4. Re: Juan Mata Sorry to revive this thread but I seen Mata playing tonight and I was wondering if he has been coming on as a sub constantly this season for valencia??? Any idea what his rating might change to next time around??
  5. Re: Arsenal Rating Changes I think that Flamini should be made a 91 at the next rating change. All the times that I have seen arsenal play he has been influential in the midfield. If he keeps up his form until the changes a 91 is easily justified.
  6. Re: German Changes What about Lahm, is he likely to increase, decrease or stay the same????
  7. Re: Portuguese league ratings..
  8. Re: Portuguese league ratings..
  9. Re: Gauranteed fallers/ Money binners
  10. T.T

    Top Ten Garage

    Re: Top Ten Garage Bugatti Veyron. Surprised no one else has mentioned it.
  11. Re: English Player Ratings - Part 2 [quote name=Sunderland Can't honestly say that I would change any of these ratings' date=' they seem fair to me.[/quote] Gordon to 91 possibly???
  12. T.T


    Re: Reward Do you get money for one of your players gettin player of the year????
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