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  1. Re: Emmanuel Adebayor Yeah but he is scoring them at the highest level. He is also playing like a 94 he is playing well also. its not just his scoring record
  2. Re: Emmanuel Adebayor Adebayor should be 94, yes he is not as good as drogba, rooney etc but his scoring record this season warrants a 94.
  3. Re: Diego Lopez Has he even played for villareal??? From what a can find viera has started nearly all of the games this season.
  4. Re: Juan Mata Sorry to revive this thread but I seen Mata playing tonight and I was wondering if he has been coming on as a sub constantly this season for valencia??? Any idea what his rating might change to next time around??
  5. Re: Arsenal Rating Changes I think that Flamini should be made a 91 at the next rating change. All the times that I have seen arsenal play he has been influential in the midfield. If he keeps up his form until the changes a 91 is easily justified.
  6. Re: German Changes What about Lahm, is he likely to increase, decrease or stay the same????
  7. Re: Portuguese league ratings..
  8. Re: Portuguese league ratings..
  9. Re: Gauranteed fallers/ Money binners
  10. T.T

    Top Ten Garage

    Re: Top Ten Garage Bugatti Veyron. Surprised no one else has mentioned it.
  11. Re: English Player Ratings - Part 2 [quote name=Sunderland Can't honestly say that I would change any of these ratings' date=' they seem fair to me.[/quote] Gordon to 91 possibly???
  12. T.T


    Re: Reward Do you get money for one of your players gettin player of the year????
  13. Is anyone else on here in this championship????? If so then can someone please try and chalenge my barcelona!!!!
  14. I have offered 10 million + deco + gudjonson for fabregas, it has been accepted but I was just wantin some thoughts on whether I should let it go through or cancel it???
  15. I am the manager of barcelona and I have been sending pm's to the manager of valencia asking about silva. He said that he would not sell him for anything less than 10M + Deco. Can I please have some opinions on this deal and whether I should do it or not please???
  16. Does anyone know of any young right backs rated low 80's that are likely to increase in the next round of changes???
  17. Re: WC creation time? What time are the world championships getting created???
  18. Re: Emmanuel Adebayor Adebayor should easily be a 90 after his prformances last year and if he continues his current form then he could easily be a 92 or 93 by the end of the season.
  19. Re: Rooney - Accept or reject Someone has bid £10 million + ribery + lahm for rooney should I accept???
  20. Re: Rooney - Accept or reject A think he will be similar to owen and has peaked to early. He will still be a world class player just not as good as kaka is just now or ronaldinho 2 years ago.
  21. Re: Rooney - Accept or reject A would accept. Rooney may be good and young but to be honest he ll never get to 97 IMO. A think that Ibrahimovic will go up 1 next change.
  22. Re: Wesley Sneijder Exactly, he has great potential to get better in the future, a 93 is fine for now IMO
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