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  1. Re: Juan Mata

    Sorry to revive this thread but I seen Mata playing tonight and I was wondering if he has been coming on as a sub constantly this season for valencia???

    Any idea what his rating might change to next time around??

  2. Re: Portuguese league ratings..

    If he should be banned from football players like Savage' date=' Vieira should be also. They also made deadly tackles. Almost the African players are impetuous when they attack the ball.. he is like them. I think 6 games of suspension as UEFA decided is a lot.. Maybe 4..[/quote']

    What do you mean attack the ball??? From what I can remember the ball was on the ground, Binya didnt go for the ball he intentionally tried to injure Brown. Shld go up but I think 10 games would have been a more suitable ban.

  3. Re: Yssouf KONE

    Kone just got his update he has gone from 76 and only being worth 678K to a rating of 84 and being worth 3.6m' date=' nice tidy little profit for anyone who picked him up.


    Yep thanks for that got him for my ajax. Do you think he is worth holding on to??? or should he be sold now that he has gone up???

  4. Re: best managers...

    I was just wondering' date=' in the best manager list you get 4 points for the highest rated; how could someone get 3+ points if the highest points one gets in a match are three? :confused:[/quote']

    Nobody responded to this post and I was wondering about the matter myself. Can someone please tell me how this works???

  5. I am the manager of barcelona and I have been sending pm's to the manager of valencia asking about silva. He said that he would not sell him for anything less than 10M + Deco. Can I please have some opinions on this deal and whether I should do it or not please???

  6. Re: Rooney - Accept or reject

    I think Rooneys got the potential to be a 98 in the future .. he has so much talent and is only 21. :eek:

    A think he will be similar to owen and has peaked to early. He will still be a world class player just not as good as kaka is just now or ronaldinho 2 years ago.

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