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  1. Will he rise and what is his potential, also do you think he will move to a club who play Champions League etc?
  2. Re: Fabregas deal Busquets is a good player but for the role he does, I don't think he will rise anymore. He does a simular holding role to Alonso etc and in my opinion Alonso probably has a bit more about him so I doubt Busquets will rise again if Alonson can't. Also Luiz isn't a bad player but he still has a lot of learning to do, he's a bit all over the place at the moment but he lookds descent and I think has a bit of potential. However Fabregas is playing in the best team in the world in my opinion and he is always playing and chipping in with vital goals, I think he has a descent chance
  3. Who do you think is better out of the two players and does anyone know around what time Rossi fit to play again? All help is much appreciated. Thanks
  4. I do not watch Bundesliga and I didn't see much of Dortmund in the Champions League, I need help, what are peoples opinions on Hummels, how good is he and will he rise. All help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Re: Nani or Mata? Thanks for all the responses and help. I will probably keep Nani, although he can be frustrating he can produce moments of magic and like some of you said Mata plays in a poor Chelsea team who I personally think will be waiting for a fairly long time until they see another trophy.
  6. I have Nani however most times I have watched Mata he looks a class act where as sometimes Nani fustrates me and be very poor or brilliant. Mata is at an external club but what I want your opinion on is should I sell Nani and buy Mata or keep Nani and not buy Mata? Thanks for any help guys, I appreciate it.
  7. Re: Will Mario Gomez rise? I meant 94 thanks for the help guys!
  8. Bayern Munich are having a descent season and Gomez is the leading Bundeliga scorer. Do you guys think he will rise to 93? All feedback is much appreciated, thank you!
  9. Is Falcao worth buying, will he improve and will he maintain I high rating? What do you guys think his peak is. All help appreciated, thanks!
  10. Re: Development Team! Please Help Gotze has just been transferred to another club although I did try to Hijack the deal. Thank you very much for the help I have Smalling already which is a start.
  11. Hello, I would first like to say that I really do appreciate the time and effort people sacrifice to help me and I would like to thank thos who help me on this topic. I am a big fan of the formation 4-1-3-2. And I aim to set up a development squad with the players roughly rated around 85-88. 4-1-3-4 consists of: 1 x GK 1 x RB 2 x CB 1 x LB 1 x CM 1 x RW 1 x AM 1 x LW 2 X ST I am looking to feel each position with a player rated between 80-90 who will develop to a high level. Does anyone have any suggestions for any possible players and in which particular position? Thank you for tak
  12. I need at least 3-0 to qualify for the Champions league, is there any way I can increase the possibility I will score more goals?
  13. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? You wouldn't being a Man U fan lol. Just rose to 92 so I'd take it.
  14. Re: Best Deals You Have Ever Made? I got Di Maria for £11m + Toulalan I got Suarez for £5m + Muniain I got Ronaldo for Ferdinand + Ibrahimovic
  15. Will Chiellinis rating rise drop or fall? I never watch Itilian football because it is not as good as it used to be but I would appreciate any help anyone can offer thanks. Sam
  16. Re: Rooney rise? Sure Ibrahimovic and Villa are winning a lot, but in my opinion it's more the players around them.
  17. With the English rating changes approaching, I question that has sprung to mind is will Wayne Rooney rise? Currently on Soccer Manager you have the likes of Eto'o, Villa and Ibrahimovic all clinging onto 96 when surely Rooney is just as good as or if not better than all of them. Eto'o will probably going down due to the league he is playing in but even so Rooney can surely scrape a rise? All opinions appreciated,it is likely that this will effect a deal I may do? Thanks Sam
  18. Re: Injuries! Ok mate, thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  19. Re: Pedro for Di Maria I recently brought in Di Maria aswell, he is playing regularly for Madrid and is almost a certainty for a rise. However, Pedro is struggling to gain a place in Barcelons first team and he featured the other day in a Champions League match with the second team. I also second the comment that he could well peak at 93, unless he gets a move to a different club because he will struggle to gain a regular starting place for Barcelona, especially when Villa returns from injury.
  20. In my last few games I have seen Aguero pick up a 6 week injury whilst Fabregas suffered an 8 week injury. Is there any way at all, that I can reduce injury risk or reduce the time the player is injured. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  21. Re: Marcelo Rise? Thanks for the help guys.
  22. Re: Benzema or Di Maria? Thanks for the help everyone, I really do appreciate it. For those who are interested I bought Di Maria, as most of you advised. Thanks once again!
  23. Benzema and Di Maria are 23 years old so age can be cancelled out already. Would you rather have Di Maria or Benzema who may cost slightly more?
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