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  1. Re: Ajax Tactics Help! Hmm well ive put in a Bid for Van Der Sar, and hopefully it wil go through... does anyone else have any good player suggestions and especially tactics help?
  2. Im Currently 7 games into the season, where ive won 1 match, drawn 2 and lost 4. I normally play a 3412, where the past 3 seasons i gained promotion each season, and the last one i ended in 4th place. However since the change in tactics setup, I've found it hard to win with my current formation, even though my team is more improved. All my matches I have either scored high (3+) or none at all, but i'm still shipping alot of goals. I also have 20 mil to spend and Marcelinho and Husev transfer listed, so If there are players you think i should get please tell me, and also please tell me what sort of formation to play with. This is my ajax first team: ROST, Frank Gk 35 91 £2.3M FRIEDEL, Brad Gk 37 90 £936k HART, Joe Gk 21 89 £7.4M SAGNA, Bakary RB 26 92 £8.4M MIGUEL TORRES, Gómez RB/LB 23 89 £6.9M LUGANO, Diego CB 28 92 £7.2M COLOCCINI, Fabricio CB/DM 27 91 £7.1M NALDO, Aparecido CB 26 91 £7.7M DELPIERRE, Mathieu CB 27 90 £6.5M PIQUE, Gerard CB/DM 22 88 £6.4M ARANGO, Juan LM/AM 28 91 £6.6M MAGGIO, Christian RM/RB 27 90 £6.5M HUSEV, Oleh RM/CM 25 89 £6.5M HERNANES, Anderson CM 23 90 £7.7M DE LA RED, Rubén CM 23 90 £7.7M KOVAC, Niko CM/DM 37 88 £764k MAKELELE, Claude DM 36 92 £1.6M CANA, Lorik DM/CB 25 91 £7.9M MADURO, Hedwiges DM/CM 24 88 £6.1M SONG-BILLONG, Alexandre DM/CB 21 86 £5.3M ARSHAVIN, Andrei AM/Fwd 27 93 £8.5M IBAGAZA, Ariel AM 32 91 £4.6M MARCELINHO PARAIBA, Santos AM/Fwd 33 90 £3.2M GIOVINCO, Sebastian AM/Fwd 22 88 £6.4M TADDEI, Rodrigo Wing/AM 29 91 £6.1M VELA, Carlos Wing/Fwd 20 87 £6.1M TOTTI, Francesco Fwd/AM 32 95 £6.4M DI NATALE, Antonio Fwd 31 93 £6.1M PETRIC, Mladen Fwd/AM 28 91 £6.6M BOJAN KRKIC, Pérez Fwd 18 89 £8.0M BENDTNER, Niklas CF 21 88 £6.6M ----------------------------Rost--------------------------- ------------Sagna---------Lugano------------Naldo-------- ----Taddei-----Hernanes/De La Red--- Makelele----Arango-- -------------------------Arshavin------------------------- ----Totti(Petric-Totti has long term injury)-Di Natale--------- Also when you give tips please take any rating/positional changes into account because I'm not too familiar with all my players in real life at the moment.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Can someone answer that please?
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... How much should i offer along With Juan Arango (91 LM/AM) To get Santi Cazorla? And is there any chance of either dropping or rising?
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hmm are all the players you listed at risk of falling? And if they are can any of you reccomend any good 90/91 CBs that are due a rise that i could trade players for? And thanks, I countered that offer with rafael+arshavin+25mil, and if it doesnt go through because of the money Ill ask them to bid again but with less money.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Reject! Pato is a future great, Bojinov is always injured, and the 20mil doesnt make up for the potential pato has. Anyone care to answer my question?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Im managing Ajax, and have been offered 40 mil, Nihat & Westermann for Adebayor.. should i accept? In defence i play 3 and i already have Sagna, Lugano, Collocini, Naldo, Delpierre, Miguel Torres and Gerard Pique. Up front I have Totti, Di Natale, Adebayor, Petric, Bojan, Bendtner, Vela, Balotelli and other youngsters, and i normally play a front 2 with an AM behind. The 40 mil would really help me aswell. Or should i counter for 30 mil Arshavin and Rafael da silva? My best wingers are Arango and Maggio and currently have a deal going through for Taddei, but still need more for numbers. In AM i have Ibagaza, Marcelinho and Giovinco. Also on the Taddei deal, Is Husev + 8mil worth it for him? I dont know what ratings either are likely to end up at after their next changes and I can't make the deal go any lower due to a minimum fee of 15mil being in place.
  8. Re: 91/92 CMs Hmmm Anyone else?
  9. Re: 91/92 CMs Thanks so far, Is there any risk of Aquilani becoming an AM/CM? Oh and id like a few more opinions on those players aswell please before i decide
  10. For My Bayern Munich I have only 1 CM (Van Bommel 92), and the rest that I had had all changed to either DMs or AMs. I have 34 mil and would like to buy one or two of these players, but I dont know which ones are likely to rise/fall, and which ones could change position. They are: Thomas Hitzlesperger CM/LM 92 16.2 mil Escudero Raul Garcia CM 91 18.2 mil Kim Kallstrom CM/AM 91 14 mil Mathieu Bodmer CM/CB 91 14 mil Alberto Aquilani CM/AM 91 14.5 mil Simone Perotta CM/AM 92 7.5 mil Also, If anyone knows a good CM that could rise to 91/92, can you tell me those please aswell?
  11. Re: Frank Rost Oh thanks, erm because I have some really good long term prospects (joe hart, Rui patricio and asenjo). I also have friedel as a short term option but he's not performing well for me. IS friedel due to rise?
  12. I have the chance to buy him and I need a short term 90+ keeper. Is he going to drop from 91 in the next changes though becuase I already have a 90 keeper and do not want to risk wasting money
  13. Re: CB Options ok thanks guys i have godin now 14 mil .
  14. Re: CB Options In another thread for Godin though it said that Villareal are defending poorly, does that mean he may drop?
  15. Right now for my back 3, I have: Corluka 91, Skrtel 91, Zapata 90, Santacroce 89, and Thiago Heleno, Criscito, Breno all at 88, as well as younger players. Im looking to buy another CB, and The options I have are: Diego Godin 90 (Villareal) Alex Silva 90 (Hamburg) Thiago Silva 89 (Fluminense/Milan) Joao Miranda 89 (Sao Paolo) Which would be the best option of the three?
  16. Re: Sagna for Sagnol? DO IT. I was surprised he didn't rise to 92 like clichy did last time, hes a top righ t back imo, and hes atleast as good as other 92 rightbacks like Bosingwa, whereas Sagnol will definately decrease imo.
  17. Re: Farfan or Arteta So are you sure he wont end up playing up front in future? becaus im certain he used to be a F/W, nd only recently changed to a W/F.
  18. I need another winger, and these two are at unmanaged clubs. I can get arteta for around 17 mil, or farfan for 27.7 mil. I'm not sure who to get, because I don't think arteta has much chance of rising further, whereas i think farfan can, but I don't know whether farfan will play as a striker more at shalke or not, and i want to avoid a positional change. Which one should i get, and can anyone tell me where farfan is more likely to play (upfront or wings) this season?
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My last question was ignored os I'll ask again. The roma manager offered me Totti + 10mil for my Benzema. My other strikers are ade, di natale, bojan, bendtner, balotelli and other youngsters. So should I accept this deal or reject?
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... oops sorry i confused myself LOL. i actually meant i counter offered fornavas and kanute after he just offerd 40 mil. But i see what your saying about it going through. any opinions on the totti offer then?
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... A jealous roma manager just offered me Totti + 10 mil. Should i accept this deal or other - and would either of them go through?
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Would you accept a deal of Navas, Kanoute and 40 mil for Karim Benzema (i'm owner of benzema). My other strikers are adebayor, di natale and bojan. My Right wingers are maggio and husev. Is it worth it? I accepted at first but i'm not so sure. I might cancel it. I need help today please
  23. Re: Keita or Hitzelsperger OK i have bid for hitzelsperger then
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