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    You'll can scrap the barrel while I go and sign Mouez Hassen, Yannick Ferreiera Carrasco, Abdul Rahman Baba (really wanted him, due a rise or 2) and Adelino Vierinha. Got Reece Burke (who is starting at West Ham) and Gnoukouri from Inter.

    Still looking at another 3-4 signings but they wont be big.

  2. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning.

    We (Aston Villa) have managed to get Mangala and Brahimi for around about CV. Pretty happy that we could get Mangala uncontested.

    We are still adding another player, there isn't much quality available so we will have to spend a bit with the hope that his value remains the same if we wanted to sell the player again.

  3. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2

    Good win and good run of form for Lazio recently. Had a poor start but in the top half of the table and had to give up 2 games to my teammates. In the next round for both the cups so hopefully we can string together some good points in there as well.

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