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  1. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 I don't like how we managed to only get Britney Spears despite all the money we have
  2. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Free agent Nascimento Mauricio will be joining Derby County for 3.6 million. We don't really have funds for more signings but I am looking to shift Graziano Pelle and Simone Zaza if a decent offer comes in. Looking to not get relegated this season in Division 2. Bit surprised no one snapped up Mauricio considering he was a free agent and in the XI for Lazio and Sporting this season.
  3. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Well in other news Eric Bailey joined Lazio for 2.9 million. Pretty happy with that !
  4. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 We missed out on the other 4
  5. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. Manged to get around my team for a second overhaul. Out go Junior Diaz, Berahino, Cana, Gonul and Braafheid. From that cash generated I have managed to sign Maxwell Debuchy Keita Alderweireld Gignac Monreal Torosidis Ibe Still going to shift Zaza, Toni and Carrasco and bring another hopefully 5 players to add 2-3 players as substitutes as well.
  6. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. Florian Thauvin, Sebastian Jung and Hector Herrera join Aston Villa for this window. We will be in the shop in the next one as well.
  7. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 And the slide continues. From being title contendors to fighting to keep 5th. Unbelievable
  8. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Bit of a barren run for Lazio. Hopefully can get back to winning terms
  9. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ We are on a good run at Derby County but the lapse in form few games back means Blackpool are really on our tails and are looking for a slip from us. I have a feeling I might just slip in the last game of the season . That said we are only a point away from direct promotion, my first season back. Jese Rodriguez can go for a good cash sum or a higher rated PE (decent player). We will try and shift some players to bring in 3-4 new names for the second division.
  10. Re: The Progress Championship Amazing work Ed !
  11. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 After a bit of a hiatus from the transfer market, Lazio have splashed big and most probably captured Bastian Schweinsteiger unless SM goes against us. Sorry Noisy for the late bid, had no intention to do so but had to wait for 2 of my players to move out to generate cash and bid as soon as they moved out. Messi, Robben, Schweinsteiger
  12. Re: The Progress Championship I got 5.2 million for finishing second.
  13. Re: The Progress Championship Ibra had an amazing season for us. However Berbatov gets the highest rating . Happy with 2nd and just a point behind the winners. Onwards and upwards !
  14. Re: The Progress Championship Can't believe I couldn't stretch Nikidinho to the last game . We have had a great second half to the season and hopefully can alter a bit.
  15. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Sketchy form after the great start for Lazio and the Italians. Hopefully our lead doesn't diminish a lot. 4-0 today against Venk, so good points there.
  16. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Robben get a +1
  17. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 4 wins out 4 for us Italians sees us move 3 teams into the top 4. Had heard some complaints about us not being in good league positions . Managed to rest a lot of my players and get a great 4-0 against Sociedad. Luckily midweek cup fixtures din't matter as a semi second team did a decent job. Also good on the English to be drawing within themselves.
  18. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Solid win against Newcastle sees us into another Semi Final. It was a close 3-2 game but had a good amount of shots. Milan also managed a 3-2 while Fiorentina lost 3-2. Two representatives again in the semifinal for us but not facing eachother this time.
  19. Re: .:Legacy of Fluff:. Would like to join if found worthy
  20. Re: Wc 40000 Managed to beat Leverkusen to escape relegation and put them into Division 2. A late Alcacer winner did it for me. Had to go unbeaten in the last 5 games to have to make it out of the bottom 3 on the last day. Amazing.
  21. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions I was kind of expecting a +2 for Zaza
  22. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Got a 2-0 win over Athletic as revenge for the league defeat. Udinese got a useful win as well to compensate for the 7-0 mauling. It is going to be a Italy vs Spain final.
  23. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 3.10 per game ! Pretty chuffed with that.
  24. Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Graziano Pelle, Simone Zaza and Zuniga join Derby County . Pretty chuffed about Pelle and Zaza, expected a rating increase soon. Might sell 1-2 more players to fund moves for better starters.
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